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Yu☆Gi☆Oh! 5D’s

Kyousuke Kiryuu

Name (Original): 鬼柳 京介 Name (Romaji): Kiryuu Kyousuke Nicknames: Kalin Kessler Series: Yu☆Gi☆Oh! 5D’s Age: 19 Weight: 68 kg Height: 184 cm Date of Birth: November 1 Blood Type: Unknown Personality Kyousuke Kiryuu is initially portrayed as a ruthless and ambitious leader, driven by a desire for power and control. As the founder and leader […]

Crow Hogan

Original Name クロウ・ホーガン Romaji Name Kurō Hōgan Nicknames Crow “The Blackbullet”, Big Brother Crow, Trick Star Series Yu☆Gi☆Oh! 5D’s Age 17 (Dark Signer Arc), 18 (WRGP), 19 (Team 5Ds Future), 27 (finale timeskip) Weight 56 kg Height 174 cm Date of Birth September 6 Blood Type Unknown Personality Crow Hogan, a prominent character in the […]

Jack Atlas

Japanese Name ジャック・アトラス Romaji Name Jack Atlas Nicknames King, Absolute King of the Riding Duel Series Yu☆Gi☆Oh! 5D’s Age 18 (season one), 19 (WRGP), 21 (final Team 5Ds Future), 29 (finale timeskip) Weight Unknown Height Unknown Date of Birth January (unknown day) Blood Type Unknown Personality Jack Atlas of “Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s” is a character with […]

Aki Izayoi

Original Name 十六夜 アキ Romaji Name Izayoi Aki Nicknames Akiza Izinski, Black Rose Witch, Queen of Queens, Daddy’s little rose Series Yu☆Gi☆Oh! 5D’s Age 16 (first season), 17 (third season), 18 (episode 152), 26 (finale time skip) Weight Unknown Height Unknown Date of Birth August 16 Blood Type Unknown Aki Izayoi – The Enigmatic Duelist […]

Yuusei Fudou

Japanese Name 不動 遊星 Romaji Name Fudou Yuusei Nicknames “Satellite’s Shooting Star, Daniel” Series Yu☆Gi☆Oh! 5D’s Age 18 (first season), 19 (third season) Weight 58 kg Height 175 cm Date of Birth July 7 Blood Type Unknown Yuusei Fudou The protagonist of Yu☆Gi☆Oh! 5D’s. Personality Yuusei Fudou is the protagonist of the anime series Yu☆Gi☆Oh! […]