Vladilena Milizé

Original Name ヴラディレーナ・ミリーゼ
Romaji Name Vladilena Milizé
Nicknames Lena, Handler One, Bloody Reina, Bloody Regina, The Bloodstained Queen
Series 86
Age 86 (as of the series)
Weight N/A
Height 160 cm
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Vladilena Milizé – FAQ

Who is Vladilena Milizé?

Vladilena Milizé is a fictional character from the anime and light novel series “86”. She is one of the main protagonists and serves as the leader of the Spearhead Squadron, a group of soldiers known as “Eighty-Sixers” who pilot unmanned drones called Juggernauts.

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What is Vladilena Milizé’s role in “86”?

Vladilena, also known as Lena, is a handler in the military of the Republic of San Magnolia. Her role is to command and support the Eighty-sixers, who are considered expendable and discriminated against by the Republic government.

What are Vladilena Milizé’s characteristics?

Vladilena is known for her compassion, determination, and strong sense of justice. She cares deeply about the welfare of the Eighty-Sixers and tries to fight the discrimination they face. She is also intelligent and resourceful, using her skills to strategize and support the Spearhead Squadron.

Does Vladilena Milizé pilot a Juggernaut?

No, Vladilena does not fly a Juggernaut. As a Handler, her role is to command and coordinate the actions of the Juggernaut pilots from a remote location. She communicates with the Eighty-Sixers via a communication device called the Para-RAID system.

How does Vladilena Milizé interact with the Eighty-Sixers?

Vladilena develops a close bond with the members of the Spearhead Squadron. She communicates with them through the Para-RAID system, providing them with tactical information, emotional support, and encouragement during their missions. She also tries to understand their experiences and challenges, and strives to give them recognition and fair treatment.

Does Vladilena Milizé have any conflicts or obstacles in “86”?

Yes, Vladilena faces several conflicts and obstacles throughout the series. One of the main challenges she faces is the systemic discrimination against the eighty-sixers, which she tries to fight. She also struggles with the moral dilemmas of war and the harsh realities of the Spearhead Squadron.

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