Aoi Kiriya

Japanese Name 霧矢 あおい
Romaji Name Kiriya Aoi
Nicknames Idol Professor
Series Aikatsu!
Age 13-14 (Season 1), 15-16 (Season 2), 16-17 (Season 3)
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth January 31
Blood Type A


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A talented and analytical idol from “Aikatsu!”


Aoi Kiriya, a character from the anime series “Aikatsu!”, is known for her calm and bright personality. She has excellent analytical skills and is highly intelligent, with an encyclopedic knowledge of various subjects. Aoi is determined and focused, always striving to do her best in everything she does. Her dedication and passion for the entertainment industry, especially idols, make her an invaluable asset to her friends and colleagues.


Aoi is a student at the Starlight Academy and has been best friends with Ichigo Hoshimiya since they were young. She entered Starlight Academy at Ichigo’s side, demonstrating her exceptional talent during the entrance exam by answering all of the idol-related questions correctly. Aoi’s vast knowledge and dedication to studying idols allowed her to excel in her training and become a role model for her peers.


Aoi Kiriya is a stylish and elegant young girl. She is often seen wearing the distinctive Starlight Academy uniform, which emphasizes her dedication to her idol career. Aoi’s appearance is complemented by her long, flowing blue hair, which matches her stage color, and her warm, friendly smile. Her fashion sense reflects her refined taste and love for the Futuring Girl brand, which she holds dear.


Aoi’s talents extend beyond her academic abilities. As an idol, she possesses exceptional singing and dancing skills, and captivates audiences with her performances. Her calm demeanor allows her to analyze situations and observe her fellow idols, identifying their weaknesses and finding ways to support and guide them. Aoi’s skills as a performer, combined with her analytical nature, make her an invaluable member of the idol unit, Soleil.

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Aoi’s idol journey began when she and Ichigo joined the Starlight Academy. Her dedication to the study of idols and her determination to succeed have allowed her to grow and flourish in her career. Throughout the series, Aoi demonstrates her talent and passion while overcoming various challenges, further solidifying her position as an accomplished idol. Her friendship with Ichigo and her bond with the other members of Soleil contribute to her character development and make her a beloved and respected figure in the Aikatsu! universe.

Aoi Kiriya – FAQ

Who is Aoi Kiriya?

Aoi Kiriya is a fictional character from the anime and arcade game series Aikatsu! She is one of the main characters and is known for her elegant and graceful appearance.

What is Aoi Kiriya’s role in “Aikatsu!”?

Aoi Kiriya is a talented idol and a student at the Starlight Academy. She is part of the idol unit called “Tristar” and aims to become the top idol of the academy.

What are Aoi Kiriya’s personality traits?

Aoi is known for her quiet and calm personality. She is often seen as mature and level-headed, providing guidance and support to her friends. Aoi is also diligent and hardworking, always striving for improvement.

What is Aoi Kiriya’s trademark?

Aoi’s signature brand in “Aikatsu!” is called “Spicy Ageha”. It is a mature and elegant brand that reflects her sophisticated image and style as an idol.

Does Aoi Kiriya have any special talents?

Yes, Aoi has a unique talent for playing the violin. She incorporates her violin skills into her performances, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to her idol activities.

What are some of Aoi Kiriya’s notable achievements?

Aoi has achieved several notable achievements during her idol career. She has won various competitions and been recognized for her outstanding performances. Aoi’s dedication and talent have helped her become an influential figure in the Starlight Academy.

Does Aoi Kiriya have a close relationship with any other characters?

Yes, Aoi shares a close bond with her fellow Tristar members Ichigo Hoshimiya and Ran Shibuki. They support and encourage each other in their idol pursuits. Aoi also has friendships with other characters in the series, forming a strong network of support and camaraderie.