Nagisa Ootsuki

Original Name: 大槻 渚
Romaji Name: Ootsuki Nagisa
Nicknames: N/A
Series: Anemone wa Netsu wo Obiru
Age: 15 (First Year High School)
Weight: Not Specified
Height: Not Specified
Date of Birth: Not Specified
Blood Type: Not Specified


Nagisa Ootsuki is the protagonist of the yuri manga “Anemone wa Netsu wo Obiru”. She is described as a highly intelligent and reserved high school freshman. Nagisa is often bothered by her talkative classmate Mashiro, but in order to improve herself, she pushes herself to become more assertive and outgoing. Nagisa is shown to be analytical, rational, and determined to succeed.


Not much is known about Nagisa’s background, but it is mentioned that she shed her former self out of shame for failing her high school entrance exams. On her first day at her new high school, she meets her talkative classmate Mashiro.

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Nagisa has short, dark hair and wears the standard female high school uniform. She is described as petite and delicate.


Nagisa is portrayed as an exceptionally intelligent student who excels academically. She is also shown to be good at sports, especially running.


Nagisa Ootsuki is the protagonist of the yuri manga “Anemone wa Netsu wo Obiru” by Takemiya Jin. The manga was first published in 2023.

Nagisa Ootsuki – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Nagisa Ootsuki from “Anemone wa Netsu wo Obiru”:

Who is Nagisa Ootsuki?

Nagisa Ootsuki is the main character of the light novel and anime series “Anemone wa Netsu wo Obiru”. She is a high school student who has the ability to control temperature and manipulate heat.

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What is Nagisa’s quirk or superpower?

Nagisa’s superpower is the ability to control and manipulate heat and temperature. She can heat or cool objects and the environment around her. This ability is a key part of the story and her character arc.

What is Nagisa’s role in the story?

As the main protagonist, Nagisa is the central character of the series. The story follows her as she navigates high school, struggles with her powers, and gets involved in various situations and conflicts that arise due to her abilities.

How does Nagisa’s power affect her everyday life?

Nagisa’s power to control heat and temperature has a significant impact on her daily life. She often has to be careful not to accidentally use her abilities, which can lead to unintended consequences. This creates challenges and complications that Nagisa must deal with on a regular basis.

What are Nagisa’s relationships with the other characters?

Nagisa has relationships with a variety of characters, including her classmates, family members, and others who are affected by her powers. These relationships are an important part of the story and Nagisa’s character development.

How does Nagisa’s power develop or change over the course of the story?

Throughout the series, Nagisa’s understanding and control of her heat manipulation abilities grows and changes. She faces challenges and setbacks, but also learns to better harness and use her powers in different ways.