Cain Blood

Original Name (Japanese): ケイン・ブラッド
Romaji Name: Kein Buraddo
Nicknames: The Boss
Series: Banana Fish
Age: Early 20s
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Cain Blood is the leader of the Black Sabbath African-American gang that controls Harlem in New York City. He is a tough and imposing figure, but also has a sense of honor and loyalty. Cain is willing to help Ash Lynx when he comes to him for help, showing that he respects Ash’s strength and leadership. Despite his involvement in criminal activities, Cain has a moral code to which he adheres.


Cain’s past is not extensively explored in the Banana Fish series, but it is known that he is the leader of the Black Sabbath gang, which wields considerable power in the Harlem section of New York. Cain is a powerful figure in the underworld, and his gang is involved in various illegal activities.

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Cain has a tall, muscular build and an intimidating presence. He has dark skin and a shaved head, and often wears casual but stylish clothing that reflects his status as a gang leader. Cain has a stern, no-nonsense expression that conveys his strength and authority.


As the leader of a powerful gang, Cain is skilled in various forms of combat and can hold his own against formidable opponents. He is also adept at negotiating and making strategic decisions to maintain his gang’s dominance in Harlem. Cain’s connections and influence within the criminal underworld also make him a valuable ally.


Cain Blood is a character created by Akimi Yoshida for the Banana Fish manga series. He is a supporting character who plays an important role in the story, helping and guiding the protagonist, Ash Lynx, in his battles against the Corsican Mafia.

Cain’s Blood – FAQ

Here are 6 FAQs about Cain Blood from “Banana Fish”:

What is Cain Blood?

Cain Blood is a rare and valuable drug featured in the anime/manga series “Banana Fish”. It is a powerful but highly addictive stimulant that grants users enhanced physical abilities and mental acuity, but also carries severe withdrawal symptoms and health risks.

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Where does Cain’s blood come from?

Cain Blood was first synthesized and distributed by a criminal organization known as the Banana Fish Syndicate, which had its roots in the aftermath of the Vietnam War. The drug was originally developed to enhance the performance of soldiers, but was eventually diverted to the black market.

What are the effects of Cain’s blood?

When ingested, Cain Blood provides users with increased strength, speed, endurance, and focus. It can allow users to perform incredible feats of physical prowess, making them appear almost superhuman. However, the drug is also highly addictive, and users who become dependent on it can suffer severe withdrawal symptoms, including tremors, psychosis, and organ failure.

Who were the main characters associated with Cain Blood in “Banana Fish”?

The main characters associated with Cain Blood were Ash Lynx, a young gang leader and the protagonist of “Banana Fish”, and Shorter Wong, Ash’s close friend and ally. Ash was deeply affected by the drug and its origins, while Shorter eventually became a victim of Cain Blood’s addictive power.

What was the significance of Cain’s blood in the “Banana Fish” story?

Cain Blood served as a central plot device in “Banana Fish,” driving much of the conflict and drama. The drug’s origins and distribution were tied to the show’s overarching mystery of the “Banana Fish” experiment, which had devastating effects on the characters. Cain’s Blood represented the dark underbelly of power and corruption within the story’s criminal underworld.

Is Cain Blood based on a real drug?

Cain Blood is a fictional drug created specifically for the Banana Fish series and has no real-world counterpart. However, it is inspired by and shares similarities with various stimulants and performance-enhancing substances that have been abused or misused, particularly in military and clandestine settings.