日本語名 ストレングス
Romaji名 Sutorengusu
ニックネーム 暗黒の力
シリーズ 〔シリーズ名〕
年齢 〔年齢〕
体重 〔体重〕
身長 〔身長〕
生年月日 〔生年月日〕
血液型 〔血液型〕

Strength (Black★Rock Shooter OVA) – A powerful character

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Strength, also known as “STR”, is a character from the anime OVA series Black★Rock Shooter. She has a complex and fascinating personality. At first, she is portrayed as a stoic and emotionless individual, reflecting her role as Yuu’s darker personality in the other world. However, as the series progresses, she begins to develop emotions and forms a bond with Yuu. This leads to a transformation in her character, as she gains a sense of self-awareness and empathy for others.


In the world of Black★Rock Shooter, Strength is a key character who plays an important role in the story. She is introduced as a counterpart to Black Rock Shooter, the main protagonist of the series. Strength’s existence is intertwined with Yuu’s, and she serves as her guardian and protector. Through a series of events, it is revealed that Strength has the ability to manipulate memories and enter a comatose state, allowing her to interact with the other characters in the story.


Strength’s appearance is visually striking and distinct. She is depicted as a young girl with white hair and a spiky tail. She wears long black boots, black spandex, and a white, flame-embroidered hooded scarf. One of her most distinctive features is the pair of large black “Ogre Fists” she wears over her arms, which are as large as she is. This unique design emphasizes her physical strength and power.


As her name suggests, Strength possesses immense physical strength and fighting skills. Her two large black “Ogre Fists” serve as her primary weapons, allowing her to deliver powerful blows to her opponents. In addition, she has the ability to induce a comatose state in herself or others, allowing them to enter the world of her dark personality. This power plays a crucial role in the overall narrative of the series.


The origin of the power is closely tied to the character of Yuu and the otherworldly realm in which she exists. As Yuu’s darker personality, she represents the repressed emotions and desires within Yuu’s subconscious. Throughout the series, Strength’s origin and purpose become clearer as her connection to Yuu deepens. Her role as guardian and her evolving personality contribute to the development of the overarching plot and themes of the story.

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Strength – FAQ

Who is Strength in “Black★Rock Shooter (OVA)”?

Strength is a character in the anime “Black★Rock Shooter (OVA)”. She is one of the main antagonists in the series and serves as the main antagonist in the alternate world where the story takes place.

What are Strength’s abilities and powers?

Strength possesses superhuman strength and endurance. She also has a massive robotic arm called the “Ogre Arms” that she can use for both offense and defense. In addition, she has the ability to transform her arm into various weapons and can regenerate after taking damage.

What is the relationship between Strength and Black★Rock Shooter?

Strength and Black★Rock Shooter have a complex relationship in the series. They are two separate entities, but connected in a unique way. Strength initially believes that by consuming Black★Rock Shooter’s heart, she can become a complete being. However, their relationship evolves throughout the story, leading to a different outcome.

What are Strength’s motivations and goals?

Strength’s main goal is to obtain Black Rock Shooter’s heart in order to become whole. She believes that by doing so, she can fill the void within herself and achieve true strength. Her motivations are driven by her desire for power and a sense of identity.

Does strength have weaknesses?

While Strength has tremendous strength and regenerative abilities, she also has weaknesses. One weakness is her emotional instability, which can be exploited by her enemies. In addition, she relies heavily on her ogre arms, and if they are damaged or disabled, her fighting ability is severely weakened.

What role does strength play in the overall plot of Black★Rock Shooter (OVA)?

Strength plays a significant role as one of the main antagonists in the series. Her presence drives much of the conflict and serves as a foil to the protagonist, Black★Rock Shooter. Through her interactions with other characters and her quest for power, she explores themes of identity, self-worth, and the consequences of seeking strength at all costs.