Original Name キリイ (Kirii)
Romaji Name Kirii
Nicknames None
Series Blame!
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Killy from “Blame! – An enigmatic protagonist

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Killy, the main character of the sci-fi manga series “Blame!”, is portrayed as a stoic and determined individual. He seldom smiles, except during intense combat situations. Killy is determined in his mission to find a human with the Net Terminal Gene within the Megastructure, which would allow access to the Netsphere. He is fearless and willing to use his powerful weapon, the Gravitational Beam Emitter (GBE), which is capable of blasting holes across great distances in the Megastructure. Despite his serious demeanor, Killy demonstrates superhuman strength and endurance, often enduring significant physical trauma without apparent injury.


Details of Killy’s personal history and background are not extensively explored in the narrative of “Blame!”. As a result, his past remains shrouded in mystery, adding to his enigmatic nature. The story focuses primarily on his quest to find a human who harbors the Net Terminal Gene, offering little information about his origins or personal history. This deliberate lack of background information adds to the overall sense of intrigue surrounding Killy’s character.


Killy appears to be a young adult, estimated to be in his early to mid-20s. His physical appearance is described as dour, with a perpetually serious expression. He stands slightly stooped and rarely shows signs of joy. Killy is depicted with short black hair and pale skin. He wears a distinctive black outfit, which adds to his mysterious and brooding presence.


Killy’s most prominent ability is his mastery of the Gravitational Beam Emitter (GBE). This advanced weapon aids him in his journey through the Megastructure, as it can create massive holes in the structure itself. His skill with the GBE allows him to navigate and overcome various obstacles within the vast and complex Megastructure. In addition, Killy displays exceptional physical prowess, demonstrating superhuman strength and endurance. He can withstand significant physical trauma, including being thrown through walls and floors, with seemingly no ill effects.


Killy’s specific origins and background are not explicitly revealed in the Blame! manga series. However, it is known that he is a Safeguard unit whose mission is to locate individuals who possess the Net Terminal Gene. Killy’s existence and purpose are intertwined with the dystopian setting of the Megastructure, a vast and chaotic structure that serves as the backdrop for the story. As readers follow Killy’s journey, they gradually discover more about the world he inhabits and the challenges he faces.
Killy, the enigmatic protagonist of “Blame!”, captivates readers with his unwavering determination, mysterious past, and extraordinary abilities. With his stoic personality, unique appearance, and powerful weaponry, Killy embarks on a quest through the sprawling Megastructure, leaving a trail of unanswered questions and thrilling encounters in his wake. As fans delve into the depths of the Blame! universe, they are left to ponder the true origins and ultimate fate of this enigmatic character.

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Killy – FAQ

Who is Killy in “Blame!”?

Killy is the main protagonist of the manga series “Blame!” created by Tsutomu Nihei. He is a mysterious human with superhuman abilities who travels through a dystopian cyberpunk world known as “The City” in search of humans with the Net Terminal Gene.

What is the Net Terminal Gene?

The Net Terminal Gene is a genetic marker possessed by certain individuals in the world of Blame! It gives them the ability to access and control the city’s massive computer network. Killy’s primary goal is to find people with this gene in order to restore order and save humanity.

What is Killy’s mission in “Blame!”?

Killy’s mission is to find a person with the Net Terminal Gene who can access and control the city’s Safeguard System. The Safeguard system has gone rogue and is eliminating any human presence it encounters. By activating the Safeguard system, Killy hopes to restore balance and protect the remaining humans.

What are Killy’s abilities?

Killy possesses a number of superhuman abilities, including enhanced physical strength, agility, and endurance. He is an expert marksman and excels in the use of various firearms and advanced technology. Killy is also able to connect to the city’s network and download information directly into his brain.

What challenges will Killy face in Blame!

Killy faces many challenges during his journey in Blame! The city is a vast and dangerous place filled with hostile creatures, malfunctioning technology, and powerful enemies. He must navigate treacherous environments, fend off enemies, and overcome various obstacles to complete his mission.

Is Killy the only human in Blame!

No, Killy is not the only human in Blame! Although humanity is on the brink of extinction in the world of the story, there are scattered pockets of survivors, and Killy will encounter some of them during his quest. Finding these survivors, however, is a rare occurrence given the vastness and hostile nature of the city.