Hina Sorasaki

Original Name (Japanese): 空崎 ヒナ
Romaji Name: Sorasaki Hina
Nicknames: N/A
Series: Blue Archive
Age: 17
Weight: N/A
Height: 142 cm
Date of Birth: February 19
Blood Type: N/A
School Year: Third Year
Club: Disciplinary Committee
Hobbies: Sleeping, taking a break
Weapon: Machine Gun

Here is an article about “Hina Sorasaki” from “Blue Archive PVs”:


Hina is portrayed as a strict and disciplined individual who takes her role as head of the Disciplinary Committee very seriously. She is shown to be strict and uncompromising when it comes to enforcing the rules at Gehenna Academy. However, she also has a softer side and enjoys activities such as sleeping and taking breaks. Despite her tough exterior, Hina cares deeply for her fellow students and is willing to go to great lengths to protect them.

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Hina is a third-year student at Gehenna Academy, where her weapon of choice is a machine gun. She is the head of the school’s Disciplinary Committee, responsible for maintaining order and discipline among the student body. Hina’s birthday is February 19th and she is 17 years old.


Hina has a petite and youthful appearance, standing 142 cm tall. She has short, light-colored hair and often wears the standard Gehenna Academy uniform of a white blouse, dark skirt, and red ribbon. In some depictions, Hina is shown wearing a more casual outfit, such as a dress or a bathing suit.


As the head of the Disciplinary Committee, Hina is a skilled fighter, wielding a machine gun with great skill. She is known for her discipline, intelligence, and resourcefulness, which allow her to effectively maintain order and deal with any threats to the school.


Hina Sorasaki is a character in the mobile game “Blue Archive”, a role-playing game set in the fictional Gehenna Academy. She was created by the game’s developer, Nexon, and is a prominent figure in the game’s story and related media, such as the “Blue Archive PVs”.

Hina Sorasaki – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Hina Sorasaki from “Blue Archive PVs”:

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Who is Hina Sorasaki?

Hina Sorasaki is a character who appears in the “Blue Archive” franchise, specifically in the game’s promotional videos (PVs). She is a student at the Millennium Academy and is known for her cheerful and energetic personality.

What is Hina’s role in Blue Archive?

In the Blue Archive PVs, Hina is often seen interacting with other characters from the game, such as Shiroko and Haruna. She seems to be a supportive and friendly presence, often encouraging her friends and classmates.

What does Hina look like?

Hina has long, light pink hair that she often wears in twin tails. She has bright blue eyes and a cheerful smile. Her school uniform consists of a white blouse, a blue skirt and a red bow tie.

What are Hina’s hobbies and interests?

In the PVs, Hina is shown to be interested in various activities such as baking, sports, and spending time with her friends. She seems to enjoy a vibrant and energetic lifestyle.

How does Hina interact with other characters in Blue Archive?

Hina is often portrayed as a supportive and caring friend to the other characters in the Blue Archive universe. She is shown encouraging her classmates, offering advice, and generally being a positive presence in their lives.

Is Hina a playable character in Blue Archive?

Yes, Hina Sorasaki is a playable character in the Blue Archive mobile game. Players can unlock her and use her in their teams, taking advantage of her unique abilities and interactions with other characters.