Japanese Name 根津
Romaji Name Nezu
Nicknames Mr. Principal
Series Boku no Hero Academia
Age N/A
Weight N/A
Height 85cm
Date of Birth January 1
Blood Type N/A

Nezu from “Boku no Hero Academia”: A Character Analysis

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Nezu, also known as Mr. Principal, is a character in the popular anime and manga series “Boku no Hero Academia”. Despite his small stature and animal-like appearance, Nezu possesses a highly intelligent and strategic mind. He is known for his sharp wit, keen observation, and strong sense of responsibility as the headmaster of Yuuei Academy.
Nezu displays a calm and collected demeanor, often acting as a voice of reason and guidance for the students. He is highly respected by both the faculty and students of the academy for his wisdom and ability to make sound decisions. Nezu’s caring nature is evident as he prioritizes the well-being and growth of the students, always striving to create a safe and nurturing environment for them.


Nezu’s background in “Boku no Hero Academia” is shrouded in mystery. While little information is available about his past, it is revealed that he is an extremely rare case of an animal manifesting a quirk. The circumstances surrounding Nezu’s quirk and how he became the headmaster of Yuuei Academy remain unknown.


Nezu’s appearance is that of a small, stocky creature that resembles a combination of several animals, including a dog, a mouse, and a bear. He stands 85 cm tall and has a unique and distinctive design that sets him apart from other characters in the series.


Nezu possesses a quirk known as “High Spec,” which grants him enhanced intelligence and physical abilities. His formidable intellect allows him to quickly analyze situations and devise intricate plans. Nezu’s physical attributes, such as strength, speed, and agility, are enhanced by his quirk, making him a capable fighter when the need arises.


The exact origins of Nezu’s quirk and his path to becoming the headmaster of Yuuei Academy are not fully explored in the series. However, it is implied that Nezu’s unique nature as an animal with a quirk played a significant role in his appointment as headmaster. His extensive knowledge and experience make him a valuable asset to the academy, contributing to its overall success and reputation.
Nezu’s presence in “Boku no Hero Academia” adds depth and intrigue to the story. His combination of intelligence, compassion, and a mysterious past make him an enigmatic character that fans can look forward to learning more about in future episodes and chapters of the series.

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Nezu – FAQ

Who is Nezu in “Boku no Hero Academia”?

Nezu, also known as “Principal Nezu”, is a character in the manga and anime series “Boku no Hero Academia” (also known as “My Hero Academia”). He is the principal of U.A. High School, the prestigious institution where aspiring heroes are trained.

What is Nezu’s quirk?

Nezu’s quirk is called “High Spec”. It grants him high intelligence and enhanced physical abilities, including heightened senses and increased strength. This quirk makes him an exceptional strategist and allows him to excel in combat situations.

What is Nezu’s role in U.A. High School?

Nezu serves as the Principal of U.A. High School and is responsible for overseeing the students, staff, and overall operations of the school. He plays a crucial role in shaping the curriculum, making important decisions, and ensuring the safety and growth of the students.

Is Nezu a person or an animal?

Nezu is a highly intelligent animal called a “Talking Beast”. He resembles a small, stocky, anthropomorphic mouse or rat. Despite its animal appearance, Nezu possesses human-level intelligence and is capable of speech and complex thought.

What are Nezu’s special characteristics?

Nezu is known for his exceptional intelligence, quick wit, and strategic thinking. He is a highly respected figure in the hero community and is admired for his leadership. Despite his small stature, Nezu commands authority and is not afraid to take decisive action when necessary.

How does Nezu contribute to the story of Boku no Hero Academia?

Nezu plays an important role in the story of Boku no Hero Academia. As the headmaster of U.A. High School, he provides guidance and support to the aspiring heroes, often offering valuable advice and imparting his wisdom. He also plays a crucial role in organizing and overseeing various events and challenges within the school.