Suzu Fuura

Original Name (Japanese): 怖浦 すず
Romaji Name: Fuura Suzu
Nicknames: N/A
Series: Comic Girls
Age: 16 (High School Student)
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Suzu Fuura is a high school student who is one year older than the main group of Comic Girls. She is a mangaka who specializes in horror manga and likes to scare people. Despite her creepy personality, she occasionally shows a more beautiful side. Suzu has a strong passion for her craft and takes her work seriously.


Suzu Fuura is a high school classmate who attends the same school as the main characters. She is a year ahead of them and is known for her expertise in horror manga. Suzu works diligently on her manga and often tries to scare the people around her.

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Suzu has long dark hair and purple eyes. She has a somewhat intimidating aura about her, which matches her penchant for creating horror manga. Suzu’s character design reflects her creepy yet beautiful aesthetic.


Suzu’s main strength lies in her skills as a mangaka, especially in the horror genre. She is able to effectively scare and unsettle her readers through her detailed, chilling artwork and storytelling. Suzu’s talent and dedication to her craft are evident in her work.


Suzu Fuura is a character from the anime and manga series Comic Girls. She is introduced as a senpai to the main group of girls, all of whom are aspiring manga artists themselves. Suzu’s character adds an element of creepiness and intensity to the otherwise lighthearted series.

Suzu Fuura – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Suzu Fuura from “Comic Girls”:

Who is Suzu Fuura?

Suzu Fuura is one of the main characters in the anime and manga series “Comic Girls”. She is a young manga artist and one of Kao’s classmates at an all-girls manga drawing school. Suzu is known for her shy and timid personality as well as her passion for creating manga.

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What is Suzu’s personality like?

Suzu is very shy, introverted and easily upset. She often gets nervous and self-conscious around others, especially when it comes to her manga drawing skills. However, she is also determined, hardworking, and passionate about her craft. Suzu looks up to the more confident manga artists around her and strives to improve her own skills.

What is Suzu’s role in the story?

As one of the main characters, Suzu’s journey and growth as a manga artist is a central part of the “Comic Girls” story. She struggles with self-confidence and comparison to her peers, but ultimately learns to embrace her own unique style and talents. Suzu’s interactions with the other manga artists, such as Kaos and Tsubasa, also play a key role in the series’ themes of creativity, friendship, and personal growth.

What is Suzu’s manga series about?

Suzu’s manga series is called “Croquis Café” and focuses on the daily lives and relationships of a group of young women who work at a small café. The series is known for its cute and slice-of-life style, which reflects Suzu’s own gentle and relatable approach to storytelling.

Does Suzu have any notable character designs or visual characteristics?

Suzu has a petite and delicate appearance, with short brown hair and large, expressive eyes. She is often seen wearing casual, feminine outfits such as sweaters and skirts. Suzu’s character design emphasizes her shy and youthful personality, which contrasts with the more confident and outgoing appearances of the other manga artists.

How does Suzu’s character develop throughout the series?

Throughout “Comic Girls”, Suzu undergoes significant personal growth and development. She starts out as the most shy and insecure of the main characters, but gradually learns to overcome her self-doubt and becomes more confident in her abilities as a manga artist. Suzu also develops stronger friendships with the other girls, which helps her come out of her shell and find more joy and fulfillment in her craft.