November 11

Original Name (Japanese) ノーベンバー11
Romaji Name Nōbenbā 11
Nicknames Jack Simon
Series Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


November 11, also known by his civilian alias Jack Simon, is the field officer in charge of investigating the mysterious contractor BK201 and his associates. He is a highly skilled and intelligent agent for MI6, known for his rational and analytical approach to his work. Despite his stern demeanor, November 11 has a dry sense of humor and occasionally shows a touch of irritation, particularly when it comes to his compensation for smoking cigarettes, which he has an aversion to.


November 11’s true identity and background are largely shrouded in mystery. As a top agent for the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), he is tasked with uncovering the secrets surrounding the Contractors, individuals with supernatural abilities, and their activities. Over the course of the series, he develops a close professional relationship with Misaki Kirihara, the police officer who is also investigating the contractors.

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November 11 has a tall, slender build and sharp, angular features. He has short, neatly styled silver-gray hair and piercing blue eyes. His typical attire consists of a well-tailored suit, often with a tie, and he is often seen holding a cigarette, despite his dislike of the habit.


November 11’s ability as a contractor is the power to freeze liquids, including the blood in the human body, without direct contact. He can shape the frozen water into projectiles and hurl them with deadly precision, as well as create protective ice shields. This unique ability makes him a formidable fighter and a valuable asset to MI6.


The exact origins of November 11’s contractor skills and his involvement with MI6 are not fully revealed in the Darker than Black series. His real name, Jack Simon, and his background as a top agent for British intelligence suggest a complex and mysterious past that is only hinted at throughout the story.

November 11 – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about November 11th from “Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha”:

What happened on November 11th in the Darker than Black universe?

On November 11th, a mysterious event known as the Heaven’s Gate Disaster occurred, causing the appearance of the Hell’s Gate and the Astronomical Observatory in Tokyo. This event fundamentally changed the world and led to the emergence of people with special abilities known as Contractors.

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Who was involved in the Heaven’s Gate disaster on November 11th?

The exact details of who was involved in the Heaven’s Gate disaster are not fully revealed in the series. It is known that the event was orchestrated by an organization called the Syndicate, but the specific individuals responsible are not named.

What were the consequences of the Heaven’s Gate disaster on November 11th?

The Heaven’s Gate disaster had far-reaching consequences. It led to the emergence of Hell’s Gate and the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory, which fundamentally changed the laws of physics and the nature of reality. It also triggered the appearance of Contractors, individuals with special abilities, and the rise of various factions and organizations that sought to control or understand the phenomena.

How have the events of November 11th shaped the world of Darker than Black?

The Heaven’s Gate disaster of November 11th was a pivotal moment that reshaped the world of Darker than Black. It led to the creation of the Contractors and the subsequent power struggles and conflicts that drove the plot of the series. The aftermath of November 11th had lasting effects on the characters and the overall narrative.

Is there any significance to the date of November 11th in the Darker than Black universe?

The date of November 11th has symbolic significance in the Darker than Black universe. It represents a transformative event that changed the course of history and the lives of the characters. The date is often referred to as a turning point or catalyst for the events that unfold throughout the series.

How did the Heaven’s Gate disaster change the lives of the contractors?

The Heaven’s Gate disaster on November 11th led to the emergence of the Contractors, individuals with unique abilities. These Contractors were often caught up in the power struggles and conflicts that arose in the aftermath of the event, and their lives were significantly shaped by the lingering effects of the Heaven’s Gate disaster.