Souichi Negishi

Japanese Name 根岸 崇一
Romaji Name Negishi Souichi
Nicknames Johannes Krauser II, Krauser-san
Series Detroit Metal City
Age Varies (depending on the source material)
Weight Varies (depending on the source material)
Height Varies (depending on the source material)
Date of Birth Varies (depending on the source material)
Blood Type Varies (depending on the source material)


Souichi Negishi of “Detroit Metal City”


Souichi Negishi, the main protagonist of “Detroit Metal City”, has a unique and contrasting personality. He is a calm and peaceful musician who is a fan of Swedish pop and Shibuya-kei. Negishi’s true self is far removed from his alter ego, Johannes Krauser II, the leader of the “extreme” metal band DMC (Detroit Metal City). Despite his passion for softer music, Negishi struggles with the fame and popularity that comes with his role as Krauser. Ashamed of his real job, he faces the challenge of keeping it a secret from his friends and family.



ally from Inukai, Ōita, Negishi dreams of a career in pop music. However, due to financial constraints, he ends up as the lead singer and guitarist for DMC, a band known for their heavy metal music and outrageous stage performances. Negishi’s background as a pop musician adds an interesting dimension to his character as he navigates the stark contrast between his personal musical preferences and the demands of his alter ego’s aggressive persona.


In terms of appearance, Souichi Negishi is portrayed as a rather ordinary-looking young man. He has short, dark hair and a clean-shaven face. Negishi’s clothing is typically casual, reflecting his casual and unassuming nature. However, when he transforms into Johannes Krauser II, his appearance changes drastically. With black and white face paint, a menacing costume, and wild hair, Krauser exudes a fierce and intimidating aura that contrasts sharply with Negishi’s usual demeanor.


Despite his initial reluctance and discomfort with the metal genre, Souichi Negishi demonstrates considerable talent as a guitarist and vocalist when performing as Johannes Krauser II. He showcases his skills by playing the guitar with his teeth and captivates audiences with his electrifying stage presence. Negishi’s ability to seamlessly transition from his gentle pop persona to the aggressive and intense Krauser highlights his versatility as a musician and performer.


Souichi Negishi’s story unfolds in the manga and anime series “Detroit Metal City,” created by Kiminori Wakasugi. The series explores Negishi’s struggles as he deals with his conflicting musical interests and the demands of his alter ego. “Detroit Metal City” offers a satirical exploration of the music industry and the dichotomy between mainstream and extreme music genres. Negishi’s journey serves as a focal point for examining themes of identity, self-expression, and the pursuit of artistic authenticity within a comedic and exaggerated framework.

Souichi Negishi – FAQ

Who is Souichi Negishi?

Souichi Negishi is the main character of the manga and anime series “Detroit Metal City”. He is a mild-mannered and soft-spoken college graduate who dreams of becoming a pop musician and plays guitar and sings.

What is Souichi Negishi’s alter ego?

Souichi Negishi’s alter ego is Johannes Krauser II, the lead singer and guitarist of the death metal band Detroit Metal City (DMC). Krauser II is known for his extreme and vulgar stage presence, wearing demonic makeup and performing explicit and offensive songs.

How does Souichi Negishi’s personality change when he becomes Johannes Krauser II?

When Souichi Negishi transforms into Johannes Krauser II, his personality changes drastically. He becomes aggressive, violent, and foul-mouthed, exhibiting behavior that is the complete opposite of his mild and polite nature. Krauser II is the complete opposite of Negishi’s true self.

What is the concept of Detroit Metal City?

Detroit Metal City is a satirical comedy series that parodies the extreme music industry and its contrasting personalities. It explores the dichotomy between Negishi’s desire to create uplifting pop music and his alter ego’s success in the brutal world of death metal. The series humorously examines the clash between personal aspirations and societal expectations.

Does Souichi Negishi enjoy being Johannes Krauser II?

At first, Souichi Negishi despises his alter ego and the persona of Johannes Krauser II. He finds DMC’s violent and vulgar image repulsive and struggles to reconcile it with his true passion for pop music. As the series progresses, however, Negishi begins to appreciate the freedom and catharsis that Krauser II provides, even though it conflicts with his personal values.

How does Souichi Negishi reconcile his dual identities?

Souichi Negishi constantly struggles to balance his dual identities as a pop musician and a death metal frontman. He tries to keep his life as Negishi separate from his life as Krauser II, often going to great lengths to maintain the charade. However, as the series progresses, these two worlds increasingly collide, leading to comedic and chaotic situations.