Ayato Sakamaki

Japanese Name 逆巻 アヤト
Romaji Name Ayato Sakamaki
Nicknames Pancake
Series Diabolik Lovers
Age 17
Weight 62 kg
Height 174 cm
Date of Birth March 22
Blood Type O


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A closer look at the character of Diabolik Lovers


Ayato Sakamaki, a character from the anime and manga series “Diabolik Lovers,” has a distinctive personality that sets him apart from the rest. He is known for his narcissistic and prankish nature. Ayato often claims to be number one in everything, displaying a high level of confidence and self-assurance. He has a tendency to refer to the main female protagonist, Yui, as “Pancake” in a playful reference to her breast size.


Ayato is the third child and eldest of the triplets in the Sakamaki household. He and his brothers Laito and Kanato live in a mansion with their six vampire siblings. Ayato’s mother is Cordelia, who raised him with the expectation that he would never fail in his quest for love and attention. However, their relationship is strained, and Ayato eventually grows to resent his mother’s treatment of him. Despite the lack of a loving and nurturing mother figure, Ayato craves affection and attention due to his deep-seated need for love.


Ayato Sakamaki has a striking appearance that reflects his vampire lineage. He stands 174 cm tall and has a lean but well-built physique. With vibrant red hair and captivating golden eyes, Ayato’s appearance exudes a sense of allure and mystery. He often dresses in stylish and fashionable clothing, adding to his charismatic presence.


As a vampire, Ayato Sakamaki possesses various supernatural abilities. These include enhanced strength, speed, and agility, giving him a significant advantage in physical combat. Ayato’s vampire nature also gives him the ability to heal quickly from injuries. He is also exceptionally athletic and excels at basketball, which is one of his hobbies.

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Ayato Sakamaki’s origin is in the realm of “Diabolik Lovers”, a popular anime and manga series. Created by Rejet and adapted into an anime by Zexcs, the story revolves around Yui Komori, a young girl who finds herself living in a mansion inhabited by a group of vampires. Ayato plays a central role as one of the vampire brothers with whom Yui interacts and forms complicated relationships.

Ayato Sakamaki – FAQ

FAQ about Ayato Sakamaki from “Diabolik Lovers

Who is Ayato Sakamaki?
Ayato Sakamaki is one of the main characters in the visual novel and anime series “Diabolik Lovers”. He is a vampire and one of the six Sakamaki brothers, known for their sadistic and twisted personalities.
What is Ayato’s personality like?
Ayato is characterized as arrogant, selfish, and highly competitive. He often displays a playful and teasing demeanor, but he can also be cruel and abusive to others. Despite his rough exterior, there is a vulnerable side underneath his tough exterior.
What are Ayato’s special abilities?
Ayato has typical vampire abilities such as increased strength, speed, and the ability to heal quickly. He also has a unique power called “Scarlet Chains” which allows him to control and manipulate blood.
What is the relationship between Ayato and Yui Komori?
At first, Ayato sees Yui as a source of food, treats her poorly, and asserts his dominance over her. However, as the story progresses, Ayato develops complex feelings for Yui, and their relationship becomes more complicated, eventually leading to a potential romance.
Does Ayato have any redeeming qualities?
While Ayato is initially portrayed as a cruel and sadistic character, he shows moments of compassion and vulnerability towards Yui as their relationship develops. He also has a protective nature towards his brothers, especially his twin brother Kanato.
What is Ayato’s role in the overall story of “Diabolik Lovers”?
Ayato plays a significant role in the series, as he is one of the central characters in the story. His personal journey involves exploring his complex emotions, overcoming his troubled past, and discovering his true self.