Japanese Name グミ
Romaji Name Gumi
Nicknames Gumillia, Gumina Glassred, Megumi, Megpoid, Megu, Nemesis Sudou
Series Dream Creator feat. GUMI
Age Not Available
Weight Not Available
Height Not Available
Date of Birth Not Available
Blood Type Not Available

Gumi “Gumillia, Gumina Glassred, Megumi, Megpoid, Megu, Nemesis Sudou”

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Gumi, also known as Gumillia, Gumina Glassred, Megumi, Megpoid, Megu, or Nemesis Sudou, is a character from the series “Dream Creator feat. GUMI”. She has a complex personality with many facets. Gumi is portrayed as a strong and determined individual, often displaying a confident and independent demeanor. She is known for her tenacity and unwavering dedication to her goals. Despite her serious nature, Gumi also has a caring side, showing concern for her friends and allies. She can be quite intelligent and resourceful, using her skills to overcome challenges and protect those she holds dear.


Gumi is the official mascot character of Megpoid, a vocal synthesizer application software based on Yamaha’s Vocaloid2 and published by INTERNET Co., Ltd. The character’s design was created by illustrator Masami Yuuki. Gumi was released as the next Vocaloid after Gakupo, with a more retro-futuristic approach. The name “Gumi” is derived from the childhood nickname of the voice actress, Megumi Nakajima. The name of the software, “Megpoid”, is a combination of “Megumi” and “Vocaloid”, representing the product’s connection to its voice provider.


Gumi has a visually striking appearance, characterized by her distinctive hairstyle and clothing. She is often depicted with vibrant, multicolored hair, which adds to her unique charm. Gumi’s fashion sense tends towards a futuristic and edgy style, with bold and intricate outfits that complement her overall design. Her appearance reflects a blend of modern and retro elements, contributing to her charismatic and eye-catching presence.


As a character in the Dream Creator feat. GUMI” series, Gumi possesses various skills and talents. Associated with the Megpoid software, she is known for her exceptional singing skills, often using her voice to captivate audiences. Gumi’s vocal talents allow her to deliver powerful and emotionally resonant performances. She is also skilled in combat and magic, demonstrating her versatility as a character. Gumi’s abilities allow her to navigate and overcome the challenges presented in her respective storylines.


Gumi’s origin lies in the joint project between Dream Creator and the Vocaloid software. Dream Creator Feat. GUMI is a series that incorporates Gumi’s character into a narrative-driven context, creating an immersive experience for fans. Gumi’s popularity as a Vocaloid character has led to her inclusion in various media such as manga, music videos, and merchandise. Through her appearances in various works, Gumi has gained a dedicated following and has become an integral part of the Vocaloid community.

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Gumi – FAQ

FAQ about Gumi from “Dream Creator feat. GUMI”

1. Who is Gumi?
Gumi is the name of a vocaloid, a singing synthesizer software developed by Internet Co., Ltd. Gumi is one of the most popular Vocaloids and has a distinct character personality associated with it.

  1. What is “Dream Creator feat. GUMI”?
    “Dream Creator feat. GUMI” is a song with Gumi as the vocalist. It is a collaboration between the song producer and Gumi’s voice provider to create a musical composition using Gumi’s voice.
  2. Who is Gumi’s voice provider?
    Gumi’s vocalist is Megumi Nakajima, a Japanese singer and voice actress. Her voice was recorded and used as the basis for Gumi’s vocaloid software.
  3. Can Gumi give live concerts?
    As a vocaloid, Gumi is a virtual singer and has no physical presence. However, there have been holographic performances featuring Gumi and other vocaloids, where a projection of her character is displayed on stage while the vocaloid software generates the vocals.
  4. Is Gumi available for purchase?
    Yes, Gumi’s vocaloid software is available for purchase. Users can purchase the software and use it to create their own music using Gumi’s voice. The software provides a wide range of tools and options for manipulating and customizing the voice.
  5. Are there other vocaloids like Gumi?
    Yes, there are several other vocaloids similar to Gumi, each with their own unique voice and character. Some popular vocaloids are Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin and Len, Megurine Luka, and IA.
  6. Can I use Gumi’s voice in my own music production?
    Yes, once you have purchased Gumi’s Vocaloid software, you can use her voice in your own music production. The software provides a platform for creating and editing vocal tracks with Gumi’s voice, allowing you to incorporate it into your compositions.
  7. Is Gumi popular with the music industry?
    Gumi has gained a significant following and popularity in the vocaloid and anime music communities. Many producers and artists have created songs featuring Gumi, and she has been featured in various concerts and events dedicated to vocaloid music.