Izaya Orihara

Japanese Name: 折原 臨也
Romaji Name: Orihara Izaya
Nicknames: Nakura, Chrome, Iza-nii, Iza-iza
Series: Durarara!!
Age: 24
Weight: Unknown
Height: 175 cm
Date of Birth: May 4
Blood Type: O

Izaya Orihara is a prominent character in the anime and light novel series “Durarara! Known for his enigmatic personality and cunning nature, Izaya serves as an information broker in the bustling city of Ikebukuro. Here is a detailed overview of Izaya Orihara based on available information from MyAnimeList and Google:

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Izaya Orihara has a complex and multifaceted personality. He claims to have a deep fascination with humanity as a whole, but interestingly, he harbors a strong dislike for Shizuo Heiwajima, a character he frequently antagonizes. Izaya takes pleasure in manipulating those around him and observing their reactions, often staging chaotic situations for his own amusement. He possesses a keen intellect and is known for his ability to effectively gather and disseminate information. Izaya’s worldview is characterized by his belief that people are neither inherently good nor bad, but rather fall into categories of either charming or boring.


Izaya Orihara attended the Raira Academy along with Shizuo, Shinra, and Kadota. From the moment they met, Izaya and Shizuo developed a deep animosity towards each other. Throughout the series, Izaya is portrayed as framing Shizuo for various crimes and instigating conflicts that involve him. Despite his antagonistic behavior, Izaya considers Shinra his only true friend, a rare bond in his life. He also has two younger twin sisters named Mairu and Kururi Orihara, whom he openly dislikes.


Izaya Orihara is depicted as a young man with a slim build and a height of 175 cm. He has short black hair and striking golden eyes. His fashion sense typically includes a black suit, gloves, and a signature silver necklace. Izaya’s physical appearance is often described as sleek and stylish, reflecting his overall charismatic personality.


Izaya Orihara possesses several notable abilities that contribute to his skills as an information broker and manipulator. He is a master of parkour, displaying exceptional agility and mobility throughout the series. In addition, Izaya is highly skilled in the use of a flickblade, which he wields with remarkable precision. He is capable of inflicting multiple slashes on opponents, as demonstrated in his encounters with Shizuo. Izaya’s linguistic skills are also noteworthy, as he is fluent in Russian, which he uses to his advantage in certain situations.


Izaya Orihara was created by Ryohgo Narita as a main character in the light novel series “Durarara!!”, which was later adapted into an anime. The character’s name is a combination of the biblical name Isaiah and the Japanese phrase meaning “the one who looks over the crowd. Izaya’s portrayal as an information broker and manipulator has made him a popular and intriguing character among fans of the series.

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Izaya Orihara – FAQ

Who is Izaya Orihara?

Izaya Orihara is a fictional character from the anime and light novel series “Durarara! He is a highly intelligent and manipulative information broker who thrives on chaos and enjoys observing and influencing the lives of others.

What are Izaya Orihara’s personality traits?

Izaya Orihara is known for his cunning and calculating nature. He is a master manipulator and enjoys playing mind games with those around him. He has also been shown to be sadistic and takes pleasure in the suffering of others. Despite his charming facade, he lacks empathy and often sees people as mere pawns in his grand schemes.

What is Izaya Orihara’s role in “Durarara!!”?

Izaya Orihara serves as one of the main antagonists in “Durarara! He is constantly involved in the various conflicts and intrigues that unfold throughout the series. His vast network of contacts and his ability to gather information make him a key player in the story’s intricate web of relationships and plots.

Does Izaya Orihara have any special powers?

Izaya Orihara doesn’t have any supernatural or superhuman abilities. However, his greatest strength lies in his intelligence, strategic thinking, and ability to manipulate others. He has a deep understanding of human psychology and uses it to exploit people’s weaknesses for his own gain.

What is Izaya Orihara’s relationship to the other characters in “Durarara!”?

Izaya Orihara has complex relationships with many of the characters in “Durarara! He has a long-standing rivalry with Shizuo Heiwajima, a powerful and hot-tempered man who is often the target of Izaya’s schemes. He also has relationships with the other main characters of the series, such as Mikado Ryuugamine, Celty Sturluson, and Anri Sonohara, often playing a role in their lives and influencing their actions.

Does Izaya Orihara have any character development?

Throughout the series, Izaya Orihara’s character remains largely consistent. He revels in chaos and continues to manipulate others for his own amusement. However, as the story progresses, certain events and revelations affect his worldview and lead to some introspection. While he may gain a deeper understanding of himself and the consequences of his actions, he ultimately remains true to his manipulative nature.