Aka no Saber

Original Name 赤のセイバー
Romaji Name Aka no Seibā
Nicknames Mordred
Series Fate/stay night
Age Varies (fictional character)
Weight Varies (fictional character)
Height Varies (fictional character)
Date of Birth Varies (fictional character)
Blood Type Varies (fictional character)

Aka no Saber, also known as Mordred, is a character from the popular anime and visual novel series “Fate/stay night”. As a servant of the Red Faction in Turifas Holy Grail War of Fate/Apocrypha, Aka no Saber plays a significant role in the storyline. In this article, we will examine Aka no Saber’s personality, background, appearance, abilities, and origin.


Aka no Saber is known for her rebellious and headstrong nature. She has a strong sense of independence and a fierce determination to prove herself. Although raised as the secret male heir to the throne, Aka no Saber is actually female, which adds an interesting layer to her character. She is driven by the desire to surpass her father, King Arthur, and to forge her own identity.


Aka no Saber’s true identity is Mordred, the “son” of King Arthur. However, she was conceived through unorthodox circumstances involving Arturia, King Arthur’s alter ego, and her sister, Morgan le Fay. Arturia, temporarily transformed into a pseudo-male, was enchanted by Morgan to extract sperm, which was used to create a homunculus clone of Arturia – Mordred. Due to her status as a homunculus, Mordred has a shorter lifespan and faster growth rate than a normal human.


Aka no Saber has a striking appearance. She has short, blonde hair and piercing blue eyes that hint at her connection to King Arthur. She is often seen wearing red armor, symbolizing her affiliation with the Red Faction. Aka no Saber’s appearance reflects her fierce and determined personality, as well as her desire to prove herself on the battlefield.


As a servant of the Saber class, Aka no Saber is a formidable warrior with exceptional combat skills. She wields a powerful sword known as the Clarent, which she uses with great skill. Aka no Saber possesses exceptional strength, agility, and endurance, making her a formidable opponent in battle. Her rebellious nature and determination further enhance her combat skills, allowing her to overcome challenges and push her limits.


Aka no Saber originates from the “Fate/stay night” series, which is part of the larger Fate franchise created by Type-Moon. The character of Aka no Saber was introduced in the Fate/Apocrypha storyline, where she plays a pivotal role as a servant in the Holy Grail War. Aka no Saber’s story and development are further explored in various adaptations, including anime, manga, and games, allowing fans to delve deeper into her character and experiences.

Aka no Saber – FAQ

What is Aka no Saber in “Fate/stay night”?

Aka no Saber, also known as Saber Alter or Dark Saber, is a character in the visual novel and anime series “Fate/stay night”. She is an alternate version of the iconic character Saber who has been corrupted by dark influences.

How is Aka no Saber different from the original Saber?

Aka no Saber has a very different appearance and personality from the original Saber. Her armor is darker and more menacing, and she has a more aggressive and ruthless demeanor. She is driven by a thirst for power and is willing to use any means necessary to achieve her goals.

What are Aka no Saber’s skills and powers?

Aka no Saber has enhanced physical attributes, including strength, speed, and endurance, that exceed those of the original Saber. She wields a darkened version of the iconic Excalibur sword called Excalibur Morgan, which is imbued with destructive and corrupting energies. With this weapon, she can unleash devastating attacks that can cause significant damage.

How does Aka no Saber fit into the storyline of Fate/stay night?

Aka no Saber appears in the “Heaven’s Feel” route of the “Fate/stay night” visual novel, which focuses on a different narrative path than the other routes. In this route, Aka no Saber plays a central role as the main antagonist, representing the corrupted version of Saber.

What is the significance of Aka no Saber’s character in the Fate series?

Aka no Saber’s character represents the concept of corruption and the potential darkness that can consume even the noblest of heroes. Her presence adds a layer of complexity to the story and explores the consequences of power and the choices made by the characters in the Fate series.

Can Aka no Saber be summoned as a playable character in the “Fate/stay night” game?

Yes, Aka no Saber is a playable character in various Fate/stay night video game adaptations, including the fighting game Fate/unlimited codes. Players can experience her unique abilities and fighting style in these games.