Masaru Katou

Original Name 加藤 勝
Romaji Name Katou Masaru
Nicknames None
Series Gantz
Age 17
Weight N/A
Height 192 cm
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A

Masaru Katou – A brave leader in the world of Gantz

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Masaru Katou, a prominent character in the manga and anime series “Gantz,” possesses a commendable personality. Known for his strong sense of empathy, Masaru is always eager to help those in need and genuinely cares for the well-being of others. Despite his circumstances, Masaru maintains a positive outlook on life and exhibits a selfless nature. His unwavering dedication to protecting his younger brother demonstrates his fierce protective instincts and deep sense of responsibility.


Masaru Katou’s background is one of personal tragedy. Orphaned at a young age, Masaru is burdened with the responsibility of caring for his younger brother. This experience has shaped him into a mature and responsible individual, instilling in him a strong sense of duty to his loved ones. Masaru meets Kei Kurono, his childhood friend, on the day of her untimely death. This fateful meeting sets them on a path of danger and mystery as they become participants in the deadly game of Gantz.


Masaru Katou is a tall individual, standing at an impressive height of 192 cm. He has shoulder-length black hair, which adds to his enigmatic presence. Masaru’s physical stature complements his role as a leader, commanding authority and respect from those around him. His appearance embodies a combination of strength and compassion, reflecting his multifaceted nature as a character.


While Masaru Katou possesses commendable leadership qualities, his skills in the game of Gantz are hampered by his reluctance to harm others. Despite this limitation, Masaru compensates with his strategic thinking and problem solving skills. He often assumes the role of leader in the game due to his authoritative presence and strong decision-making skills. Masaru’s innate desire to protect others serves as a driving force, motivating him to overcome obstacles and face the dangerous challenges Gantz presents.


Masaru Katou’s journey begins as a childhood friend of Kei Kurono in the world of Gantz. They are reunited on the day they both meet their untimely deaths. Masaru’s death occurs while attempting to rescue a drunk person from the train tracks, with Kei reluctantly assisting. However, in the manga series, Masaru is later resurrected by Yoshikazu Suzuki after the Oni Alien mission.
Masaru Katou’s character in “Gantz” displays a unique blend of compassion, resilience, and leadership. His tragic background, coupled with his unwavering commitment to protecting others, makes him a compelling and relatable protagonist. Masaru’s journey within the world of Gantz is filled with challenges and self-discovery as he navigates the dangerous game and unravels the mysteries surrounding it.

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Masaru Katou – FAQ

Who is Masaru Katou from “Gantz”?

Masaru Katou is a fictional character from the manga and anime series “Gantz”. He is one of the main characters of the story.

What is Masaru Katou’s role in “Gantz”?

Masaru Katou is a participant in the deadly game organized by the mysterious black orb known as “Gantz”. Along with other players, he is forced to engage in battles against various alien creatures in order to earn points and possibly a chance at resurrection.

What are Masaru Katou’s characteristics?

Masaru Katou is portrayed as a brave and determined individual. He has a strong sense of justice and is willing to risk his life to protect others. He also shows leadership qualities and often takes charge in dangerous situations.

What motivates Masaru Katou in “Gantz”?

Masaru Katou is motivated by the desire to protect his loved ones and ensure their safety. He is driven by a strong sense of responsibility and is willing to face any challenges to fulfill this duty.

Does Masaru Katou have any special abilities in “Gantz”?

While Masaru Katou starts out as an ordinary human, the game in “Gantz” gives him and other participants access to advanced weapons and suits that enhance their physical abilities. These enhancements allow Masaru to fight more effectively against the formidable alien enemies.

What is the significance of Masaru Katou’s character in Gantz?

Masaru Katou is the central figure in the plot of Gantz. His unwavering determination and selflessness inspire and influence other characters throughout the story. He plays a crucial role in the group dynamics and development of the overall narrative.