Akihiko Kaji

Japanese Name 梶 秋彦
Romaji Name Kaji Akihiko
Nicknames None
Series Given
Age 20
Weight N/A
Height 184 cm
Date of Birth October 21
Blood Type A

Akihiko Kaji – The talented drummer of “Given

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Akihiko Kaji, a character from the anime and manga series Given, is known for his multifaceted personality. While he may appear aloof and reserved at first, he has a kind and caring nature underneath. A supportive friend, Akihiko often provides emotional guidance to his bandmates and plays a crucial role in their growth. Despite his calm demeanor, he is not afraid to speak his mind and can be quite outspoken when necessary.


Akihiko Kaji is a university student and the drummer of the band “Given”. He is passionate about music and dedicates himself to perfecting his drumming skills. Akihiko’s musical journey began when he formed the band with his friends Mafuyu Sato, Haruki Nakayama, and Ugetsu Murata. Together, they navigate the complexities of their personal lives while pursuing their dreams in the music industry.


Standing tall at 184 cm, Akihiko Kaji cuts a striking figure. He has short black hair and captivating green eyes that add depth to his calm and collected expression. Akihiko’s appearance is further enhanced by his facial piercings, which give him a distinctive and edgy look. His fashion sense is often casual and relaxed, reflecting his easy-going personality.


Akihiko’s greatest talent is his drumming. He possesses exceptional rhythm and technique that contribute to the band’s unique sound. His drumming provides a solid foundation for the band’s music, allowing the other members to shine in their respective roles. Akihiko’s dedication to his craft is evident in his commitment to practice and his constant pursuit of improvement.


Akihiko Kaji comes from the anime and manga series “Given”, created by Natsuki Kizu. The series follows the journey of a group of musicians as they overcome their personal struggles and form deep bonds through the power of music. Akihiko’s character development and interactions with the other characters play a significant role in shaping the narrative of the series.

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Akihiko Kaji – FAQ

Who is Akihiko Kaji?

Akihiko Kaji is a fictional character from the anime and manga series “Given”. He is one of the main characters in the story.

What is Akihiko Kaji’s role in “Given”?

Akihiko Kaji is the drummer and a member of the band “Given”. He plays an important role in the band’s music and performances.

What is Akihiko Kaji’s personality like?

Akihiko Kaji is generally portrayed as calm, mature, and responsible. He often acts as the voice of reason within the band and is known for his level-headedness.

Does Akihiko Kaji have a romantic relationship?

Yes, Akihiko Kaji has a romantic relationship with Ugetsu Murata, another character from Given. Their relationship is a major subplot in the series.

What is Akihiko Kaji’s role in the band dynamic?

Akihiko Kaji serves as a stabilizing presence within the band. He provides support and guidance to the other members and helps maintain a harmonious atmosphere.

What are Akihiko Kaji’s musical talents?

Akihiko Kaji is a talented drummer and is highly skilled in playing different styles of music. His drumming adds depth and rhythm to the band’s sound.

Does Akihiko Kaji have any notable character development?

Yes, Akihiko Kaji undergoes significant character development throughout the Given series. He faces his personal struggles and learns to express his emotions more openly, which contributes to his growth as an individual.