Original Name 中国
Romaji Name Yao Wang, Yue Wang
Nicknames China
Series Hetalia Axis Powers
Age 4000 (considered “immortal”)
Weight N/A
Height 169 cm (5’6″)
Date of Birth October 10
Blood Type N/A

China – A character analysis from “Hetalia Axis Powers

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China, also known as Yao Wang or Yue Wang, is a character from the popular anime and manga series “Hetalia Axis Powers”. He has a rather serious personality and is known for his superstitious nature. Despite his seriousness, China can also show moments of immaturity, making him a well-rounded and complex character. He has a deep love for food, considering it his top priority in life, and is often seen complaining if a meal does not meet his specific tastes and flavors. China is also known for his artistic abilities, although he struggles when it comes to drawing anime and manga. He often tries to act as a big brother figure to the other Asian nations, but they do not always treat him as such. In addition, China has a habit of ending his sentences with “aru,” a Japanese stereotype for a Chinese accent.


As the oldest country in the “Hetalia” series, China has a rich and extensive history. With roots deeply embedded in Asian culture, it represents one of the most influential nations in the world. Recognized for having the largest population on Earth, China is revered for its contributions to various aspects of human civilization throughout the centuries. In the series, it is revealed that China had raised Japan with affection in the past. However, their relationship took a turn for the worse, resulting in Japan turning against him and attacking him with a katana, leaving a lasting scar on China’s back. In addition, Hong Kong, who was also raised by China, was taken away by England but later reunited with him.


China is depicted with dark brown hair, which was originally depicted as black in earlier artwork. He has undergone visual changes, with earlier depictions showing him with short hair and wearing glasses. China’s appearance is characterized by his traditional Chinese clothing, often consisting of a qipao or other traditional garments. His design incorporates elements of Chinese culture and history, representing his deep connection to his nation’s heritage.


In Hetalia Axis Powers, China is portrayed as an immortal character with an age of approximately 4000 years. This longevity reflects the enduring nature of Chinese civilization and its rich historical background. Among China’s abilities is his artistic talent, which allows him to paint intricate images on even a single strand of hair. However, he struggles when it comes to drawing anime and manga. China is also superstitious and has extensive knowledge of traditional Chinese folklore and practices.


China, whose human name is Yao Wang or Yue Wang, represents the People’s Republic of China. He is the embodiment of the nation’s history, culture and people. With its capital in Beijing and Mandarin as its official language, China covers a vast territory and borders numerous countries. As one of the world’s oldest civilizations, China is of great importance in global affairs and has played a pivotal role in shaping the course of history. The character of China in Hetalia Axis Powers serves as a representation of this influential nation and its enduring legacy.

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China – FAQ

FAQs about China from “Hetalia Axis Powers

1. Who is the character representing China in Hetalia Axis Powers?
In Hetalia Axis Powers, China is represented by a character named Wang Yao. He is portrayed as an ancient nation with a long history and a deep connection to traditional Chinese culture.

  1. What are some of the prominent character traits of China in the series?
    China is portrayed as hardworking, wise, and knowledgeable about traditional medicine and martial arts. He is also portrayed as somewhat superstitious and has a weakness for cute things.
  2. What is China’s relationship with other characters in the series?
    China has several interactions with other characters in the series. He often interacts with Japan, with whom he has a complex history and a love-hate relationship. He also interacts with other Asian characters like South Korea and Taiwan.
  3. Does China have any notable quirks or habits?
    China is known for his love of panda-themed items and his tendency to fall asleep in unusual places. It also loves to drink tea and is often seen with a teacup in its hand.
  4. What historical events or periods does the Chinese character refer to?
    The Chinese character refers to various historical periods, including ancient Chinese dynasties such as the Qin and Han dynasties. He also represents China during important events such as the Opium Wars and the Cultural Revolution.
  5. How is China’s culture represented in Hetalia Axis Powers?
    China’s culture is represented through its traditional clothing, such as its iconic qipao. The series also incorporates elements of Chinese folklore, cuisine, and customs to highlight the richness of Chinese culture.
  6. Does China have any memorable sayings or expressions?
    China is known for using the phrase “aru” at the end of its sentences, which is a linguistic quirk associated with the Chinese language. This catchphrase adds a unique touch to his character and has become quite popular among fans of the series.
  7. What are some of China’s hobbies or interests?
    China enjoys practicing calligraphy, cooking, and taking care of his bonsai trees. He is also passionate about sharing his culture with others and is often proud of his long history and traditions.