North Italy

Japanese Name イタリア
Romaji Name Itaria
Nicknames Feliciano Vargas, Veneziano, Ita-chan, Hetalia
Series Hetalia Axis Powers
Age 20 (appearance)
Weight N/A
Height 172cm (5’8″)
Date of Birth March 17th
Blood Type N/A

Northern Italy from “Hetalia Axis Powers

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North Italy, also known as Feliciano Vargas, is a lovable and cheerful character in the popular anime series “Hetalia Axis Powers”. He is often described as a crybaby and a failure at following in the footsteps of his grandfather, the once great Roman Empire. Despite his shortcomings, Italy is kindhearted, affectionate, and friendly to others. He is known for his absent-mindedness and tendency to daydream, which often leads to comical situations. Italy is also portrayed as being overly affectionate, often hugging and kissing people when greeting them.


Italy is portrayed as the beloved grandson of the Roman Empire. As a child, he spent his days with his grandfather until his death. He was then taken into the house of Austria, along with Hungary and the Holy Roman Empire. Italy’s true gender was often mistaken because he was always seen wearing clothes. It was only later, during a growth spurt, that his gender was revealed to those around him. Italy has a blood brother named Southern Italy, or Romano, with whom he has a complicated relationship. Italy also considers France and Spain to be his older brothers, despite their historical conflicts.


Italy is depicted with short auburn hair and brown eyes. He has a distinctive curly ahoge, a lock of hair that protrudes from the left side of his head. In earlier artwork, Italy’s hair was colored a medium brown and his eyes were gray. He is often seen wearing a stylish military uniform, representative of his Axis affiliation. Italy’s appearance is youthful, reflecting his age of 20.


In terms of abilities, Italy is portrayed as being heavily dependent on Germany for various tasks. He is shown to lack combat skills and often daydreams or wanders off at critical moments. Despite this, Italy is friendly with most of the characters in the series and manages to interact with them in a positive manner. He has a talent for art, drawing, designing, singing, and cooking. Italy also enjoys flirting with girls and has a passion for modifying German cars.


Italy’s character in “Hetalia Axis Powers” is a representation of the country of Italy itself. The series uses personifications of various nations to provide a humorous and satirical take on historical events. The Italian character embodies the history, culture, and stereotypes associated with Italy. His interactions with other characters, especially Germany, reflect the complex alliances and relationships formed during World War I and World War II.

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Northern Italy – FAQ

What is the role of Northern Italy in “Hetalia Axis Powers”?

In the anime and manga series “Hetalia Axis Powers”, North Italy, also known as Feliciano Vargas, represents the northern region of Italy. He is one of the main characters and is portrayed as a cheerful, pasta-loving individual.

What are some of the characteristics of Northern Italy’s personality?

Northern Italy is portrayed as a carefree and energetic character. He often displays a childlike innocence and tends to avoid conflict. He has a deep love of art, music and, of course, pasta. He is also known for his frequent use of the catchphrase “Ve!

Does Northern Italy have any historical significance in Hetalia Axis Powers?

In “Hetalia Axis Powers”, characters represent countries and their historical events. The Northern Italy character represents the northern region of Italy during various historical periods. The series uses humor and satire to explore historical events and relationships between nations.

How is Northern Italy’s relationship to the other characters portrayed?

Northern Italy has a close relationship with other characters in the series. He is often shown to be particularly fond of Germany, forming a friendship commonly referred to as the “GerIta” pairing. He also has a complex relationship with his older brother, Southern Italy (Romano).

Does North Italy have any notable quirks or habits?

Northern Italy has several quirks and habits that are depicted in the series. He is known for his love of pasta and often expresses his enthusiasm for Italian cuisine. He is also shown to be rather clumsy and tends to rely on others for assistance. He also has a fear of ghosts and the supernatural.

Are there any notable storylines or episodes involving Northern Italy?

Yes, there are several storylines and episodes that focus on the Northern Italian character in Hetalia Axis Powers. Some notable episodes include their attempts to win the Pasta World Cup, their interactions with other countries during World War II, and their comedic misadventures during various historical events.