Japanese Name クラピカ
Romaji Name Kurapika
Nicknames Chain User
Series Hunter x Hunter
Age 17 (beginning); 19 (current)
Weight 59 kg
Height 171 cm
Date of Birth April 4
Blood Type AB
Nen Type Conjuration; Specialization (when his eyes are Scarlet)
  • Holy Chain
  • Dowsing Chain
  • Chain Jail
  • Judgment Chain

Kurapika is a fictional character from the popular anime and manga series “Hunter x Hunter”. Known for his distinctive appearance and strong determination, Kurapika plays a significant role in the storyline as a member of the Kurta Clan seeking revenge against the infamous Phantom Troupe. Here is a detailed overview of Kurapika, covering his personality, background, appearance, abilities, and origin.

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Kurapika is characterized as a complex individual with contrasting traits. Although he harbors an intense hatred for the Phantom Troupe for their role in the massacre of his clan, he is kind and loyal to his friends. He is known for his intelligence, but his recklessness often gets him into dangerous situations. Kurapika is driven by a desire for revenge and is willing to go to great lengths to achieve it.


Kurapika is a member of the Kurta Clan, a reclusive group of people known for their scarlet eyes that turn crimson when they experience strong emotions. Unfortunately, the Kurta Clan was targeted and wiped out by the Phantom Troupe, a notorious gang of thieves. The members of the clan were forcibly stripped of their scarlet eyes during the massacre. Kurapika is the only survivor of the clan and has dedicated his life to avenging his people and recovering their stolen eyes.


Kurapika has a distinctive appearance that reflects his role as a member of the Kurta clan. He is a young man with blond hair and blue eyes that turn scarlet when he experiences intense anger or excitement. In the manga and 2011 anime adaptation, his eyes change to brown when he is not emotionally charged. Kurapika is 171 cm tall and has a slender build.


Kurapika possesses exceptional abilities as a result of his intense training and specialization in Nen, a form of energy manipulation. He primarily uses the conjuration and specialization types of Nen. His unique weapon is a set of five chains that extend from each finger on his right hand. Each chain has a specific purpose and ability:
Holy Chain (The Healing Thumb Chain): A cross-shaped chain that can heal wounds by drawing from buff abilities. It becomes more powerful when Kurapika is in his Specialist state.
Chain Dungeon (The Restraining Middle Finger Chain): A hook-shaped chain that wraps around the members of the Phantom Troupe, restricting their movement and suppressing their aura. Escape from the Chain Jail is only possible through brute force. Kurapika placed a strict limitation on the chain, allowing it to be used only against members of the Phantom Troupe. Violation of this condition would result in Kurapika’s death.
Divining Chain (The Guiding Ring Finger Chain): A ball-and-chain-shaped chain that Kurapika often uses for defensive, offensive, and investigative purposes. It helps him locate missing persons and determine if someone is lying.
Judgment Chain (The Arbiter’s Little Finger Chain): A blade attached to the end of the chain that enters the victim’s body and wraps around the heart. Kurapika sets two conditions, and if the victim violates either, the chain crushes the victim’s heart, resulting in death. This ability can only be used while Kurapika’s eyes are scarlet.
Emperor’s Time (Absolute Mastery): When Kurapika’s eyes turn scarlet, he undergoes a transformation from a mage to a specialist. This ability allows him to use all types of Nen with maximum efficiency. During Emperor Time, Kurapika’s power and accuracy for each Nen category are increased to 100%.


Kurapika was created by Yoshihiro Togashi as part of the “Hunter x Hunter” manga series. His storyline revolves around seeking revenge for the destruction of his clan and recovering the stolen Scarlet Eyes. Kurapika’s journey intertwines with other main characters in the series, highlighting his determination, intelligence, and growth throughout the narrative.
This article provides a comprehensive overview of Kurapika, a central character in the Hunter x Hunter series. From his tragic background to his unique abilities and personal motivations, Kurapika’s story captivates fans as he navigates the world of Hunters and faces the challenges that come his way.

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Kurapika – FAQ

Who is Kurapika in “Hunter x Hunter”?

Kurapika is one of the main characters in the anime and manga series “Hunter x Hunter”. He is a skilled and determined young hunter who seeks to avenge the massacre of his clan by the Phantom Troupe, a notorious group of criminals.

What are Kurapika’s abilities?

Kurapika is a member of the Kurta Clan, known for their unique scarlet eyes. His abilities focus on enhancing his physical and Nen (a form of energy) abilities. He is a sorcerer who specializes in Chain Jail, which allows him to bind and control his opponents. He also possesses other powerful Nen abilities such as Chain of Judgement and Emperor’s Time.

Why does Kurapika only use his powers against the Phantom Troupe?

Kurapika’s powers are specifically designed to target and defeat the members of the Phantom Troupe. His primary goal is to avenge the massacre of his clan by hunting down and eliminating all members of the Troupe responsible for the atrocity. Once his revenge is complete, he will refrain from using his powers against anyone else.

What is Kurapika’s motivation for becoming a hunter?

Kurapika became a Hunter to gain the skills, knowledge, and resources necessary to track down the members of the Phantom Troupe and avenge his clan. As a Hunter, he has access to valuable information, connections, and training that will help him in his quest for vengeance.

Does Kurapika have any weaknesses?

While Kurapika is a formidable fighter, he has a few weaknesses. For one, he is emotionally driven and can be consumed by his thirst for revenge, which can cloud his judgment. In addition, his powers are most effective against the Phantom Troupe, but are of limited use against other opponents. Finally, he has a self-imposed restriction that prevents him from using his powers against anyone other than the Troupe, which can put him at a disadvantage in certain situations.

Does Kurapika’s character evolve over the course of the series?

Yes, Kurapika undergoes significant character development throughout the series. Initially consumed by his desire for revenge, he begins to question the cost and consequences of his single-minded pursuit. He learns valuable lessons about friendship, trust, and the importance of balancing personal goals with the well-being of others. His experiences shape him into a more complex and empathetic character as the story unfolds.

Are there any other noteworthy aspects of Kurapika’s character?

Aside from his quest for revenge, Kurapika is known for his intelligence, strategic thinking, and dedication to his goals. He is highly disciplined and meticulous in his actions, often carefully planning his moves. Kurapika is also fiercely loyal to his friends, willing to put himself at great risk to protect them. His determination and unwavering resolve make him a compelling and memorable character in Hunter x Hunter.