Takumi Fujiwara

原作名 藤原拓海
Romaji Name Takumi Fujiwara
Nicknames Tak, Tofu Delivery Boy
Series Initial D Fourth Stage
Age 18, 19 (Project D)
Weight Undisclosed
Height Undisclosed
Date of Birth Undisclosed
Blood Type Undisclosed


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The legendary street racer from stage four of Initial D


Takumi Fujiwara, the protagonist of the Initial D Fourth Stage anime series, has a unique and enigmatic personality. Initially portrayed as aloof and indifferent to cars and racing, Takumi’s true driving talent is gradually revealed as the story progresses. Despite his initial disinterest, he has a deep passion for driving and an unwavering determination to improve his skills. Known for his stoic demeanor, Takumi rarely shows emotion, but his strong-willed and stubborn nature becomes apparent in his racing endeavors.


Born and raised in Akina, Takumi is the son of Bunta Fujiwara, the owner of a tofu shop in their hometown. His upbringing unknowingly shaped his exceptional driving skills. From a young age, Takumi would deliver tofu to a hotel at 4 a.m. every day, driving his father’s AE86 Trueno. Unbeknownst to Takumi, this daily routine honed his driving skills and instilled in him a deep understanding of the Akina Pass, where he would later showcase his racing prowess.


Takumi Fujiwara is depicted as an average-looking young man with dark brown hair and brown eyes. He maintains a casual and unassuming appearance, often dressed in his gas station uniform or everyday clothes. His unassuming appearance belies the extraordinary driving talent he possesses.


Takumi’s driving skills are nothing short of extraordinary. His years of experience driving the AE86 Trueno have given him an innate ability to navigate the challenging mountain roads of Akina with unparalleled precision. Takumi’s skills include a remarkable sense of concentration, instinctive insight, and the ability to visualize the road ahead in his mind. These qualities allow him to quickly adapt to any racing situation, even in the most challenging and treacherous conditions. Takumi’s driving technique, combined with his determination, has enabled him to triumph over opponents driving more powerful cars.

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Takumi’s journey as a street racer begins with his affiliation with the Akina Speed Stars and his part-time job at a gas station. Though initially unrecognized by his peers, Takumi’s exceptional driving skills catch the attention of Yuuichi, the gas station owner, who is the first to recognize his potential. As the series progresses, Takumi becomes a key member of Project D, a super-team led by Ryosuke Takahashi that aims to set new records in the Japanese racing scene. Takumi’s ultimate goal is to beat his father, Bunta Fujiwara, in a race, marking his evolution from humble delivery driver to professional racer.
As the main character of Initial D Fourth Stage, Takumi Fujiwara embodies the spirit of a skilled and determined street racer. With his unique personality, exceptional skills, and remarkable growth as a racer, Takumi captivates audiences and leaves a lasting impression as one of anime’s iconic racing protagonists.

Takumi Fujiwara – FAQ

Who is Takumi Fujiwara?

Takumi Fujiwara is the main protagonist of the anime and manga series “Initial D Fourth Stage”. He is a skilled street racer known for his exceptional driving skills and natural talent for drifting.

How did Takumi get into street racing?

Takumi’s involvement in street racing began when he started working as a delivery driver for his father’s tofu shop on Mt. Akina. The mountain roads served as a training ground where he honed his driving skills and unknowingly gained a reputation as a formidable racer.

What is Takumi’s signature riding technique?

Takumi is famous for his unique drifting technique called “Tofu Drift”. Using his father’s tofu delivery truck, a Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno, he developed a racing style that combines precise cornering and controlled drifting to maintain high speeds on mountain roads.

Does Takumi compete in official races?

Although Takumi initially races only on the mountain roads of Mount Akina, he eventually gets involved in official racing. He joins a team called Project D and competes against other skilled racers from different regions, pushing his skills to the limit on professional circuits.

What are Takumi’s personal characteristics?

Takumi is often described as introverted, reserved, and somewhat aloof. He is dedicated to his craft and has exceptional focus and concentration while racing. Takumi is also known for his humble nature and reluctance to acknowledge his own talent.

Does Takumi have any rivals in “Initial D Fourth Stage”?

Yes, Takumi faces numerous rivals throughout the series. Some notable rivals include Ryosuke Takahashi, the leader of the RedSuns racing team, and Keisuke Takahashi, Ryosuke’s younger brother and a skilled street racer in his own right. These rivalries add depth and excitement to Takumi’s racing journey.