Sukuna Gojou

Original Name (Japanese): 須我虎乃介
Romanized Name (Romaji): Sukuna Gojou
Nicknames: N/A
Series: K: Return of Kings
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: 153 cm (5’0″)
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Sukuna Gojou is a complex and multi-faceted character. On the one hand, he has a nasty and antagonistic personality towards his enemies, often displaying a mischievous and arrogant demeanor. However, he also has a much softer and more playful side when interacting with his allies, especially his “sibling-like” relationship with Yukari Mishakuji. Gojou is often bored and impatient, preferring to idle and play games rather than actively participate in the conflicts of the other clans. Despite his young age, he shows a certain maturity and understanding of clan dynamics.


Sukuna Gojou is a member of the Green Clan and holds the highest J-rank among the clansmen. He is interested in and pleased with the plans of the clan’s leader, Hisui. Gojou’s background and origins are not explicitly detailed, but he is portrayed as a central figure in the Green Clan’s activities and plans.

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Sukuna Gojou is a young boy of relatively short stature, standing 153 cm tall. He has light green eyes and short, unkempt, pale grayish purple hair, which he styles with two white barrettes on either side of his head. His weapon of choice is a scythe, which he wields with great skill and agility.


Despite his small size, Gojou is a skilled and dynamic fighter who uses his quick movements and scythe to overcome his opponents. His abilities have not been fully explored, but his J-rank status within the Green Clan suggests that he possesses considerable strength and fighting skills.


Sukuna Gojou is a character from the “K” anime and manga series, specifically the “K: Return of Kings” storyline. He is a central figure within the Green Clan and plays a significant role in the ongoing conflicts and power struggles between the various clans featured in the series.

Sukuna Gojou – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Sukuna Gojou from “K: Return of Kings”:

Who is Sukuna Gojou?

Sukuna Gojou is one of the main characters of the anime/manga series “K: Return of Kings”. He is a powerful and mysterious figure who possesses immense magical abilities. Sukuna is a member of the Colorless Clan, one of the seven prominent clans in the “K” universe.

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What are Sukuna Gojou’s abilities?

Sukuna Gojou possesses formidable magical powers, including the ability to manipulate shadows and darkness. He can create and control various shadow-based constructs to attack his enemies. Sukuna is also incredibly skilled in melee combat and is considered one of the most powerful characters in the series.

What is Sukuna Gojou’s role in the story?

Sukuna Gojou plays a pivotal role in the events of K: Return of the Kings. As a member of the Colorless Clan, he is often at odds with the other clans and their king’s clansmen. Sukuna’s actions and motivations are shrouded in mystery, and he is a complex and intriguing character who drives much of the plot.

How does Sukuna Gojou relate to the other characters?

Sukuna Gojou has a rather aloof and distant relationship with most of the other characters in the series. He is often seen as a loner and prefers to work alone. However, he does have some interactions with other powerful characters, such as the members of the Scepter 4 Clan, with whom he has a rather antagonistic relationship.

What is Sukuna Gojou’s backstory?

Sukuna Gojou’s backstory is not fully explored in the series, but it is known that he has been a member of the Colorless Clan for a long time. There are hints that he has a complex and troubled past, but the details of his origins and the events that shaped him are not fully revealed.

How popular is Sukuna Gojou with fans of the series?

Sukuna Gojou has become a very popular and iconic character among fans of the “K” series. His mysterious nature, powerful abilities, and complex personality have captivated many viewers and readers. He is often considered one of the most compelling and well-written characters in the series, and his appearances are highly anticipated by fans.