Original Name 金剛
Romaji Name Kongou
Nicknames Elizabeth
Series Kantai Collection: KanColle
Age Varies (depending on adaptation)
Weight Varies (depending on adaptation)
Height Varies (depending on adaptation)
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Kongou from “Kantai Collection: KanColle”: A fascinating character in the anime world

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Kongou, also known as “Elizabeth,” is a character from the popular anime series “Kantai Collection: KanColle.” She is portrayed as a hyperactive and cheerful individual who is always full of energy. Kongou has a unique way of speaking, often mixing random English words into her Japanese sentences. Her affectionate nature is evident in her interactions with the Admiral, as she constantly tries to win his heart. She also has a deep love for black tea and enjoys indulging in the beverage whenever possible.


As a character in “Kantai Collection: KanColle,” Kongou is part of a fleet of anthropomorphized World War II-era battleships. Originally built in England and then shipped to Japan, Kongou is a member of the Kongou-class battleships. Her background and experiences in the anime series are closely tied to her role as a naval vessel and her interactions with the other characters in the series.


Kongou has long brown hair styled in buns on either side of her head. Her signature look includes a modified Shrine Maiden outfit that she and her sister ships typically wear. This outfit is complemented by thigh-high boots, further emphasizing her unique and distinctive appearance. With her charming and lively demeanor, Kongou’s appearance perfectly reflects her energetic personality.


In terms of abilities, Kongou possesses the characteristics and skills of a battleship. While her specific abilities may vary depending on the storyline and context in which she is portrayed, she is typically portrayed as a formidable force on the battlefield. As a naval vessel, it possesses firepower and endurance that make it a valuable asset to its fleet.


Kongou comes from the “Kantai Collection: KanColle” franchise, which is a multimedia project featuring anthropomorphic representations of naval vessels from various countries. The franchise includes video games, manga, and anime adaptations. Kongou’s character is based on the real-life Kongō-class battleships of the Imperial Japanese Navy that served during World War II. The anime series further explores her role and interactions within the context of the fictional world created by the franchise.
Kongou’s character in Kantai Collection: KanColle” has captured the hearts of fans with her vibrant personality, unique appearance, and powerful abilities. Whether it’s her energetic nature, her endearing attempts to win the Admiral’s affection, or her captivating presence on the battlefield, Kongou has become a beloved character in the anime community. With her ties to real historical battleships and her portrayal in the anime series, Kongou continues to leave a lasting impression on viewers and remains an integral part of the “Kantai Collection: KanColle” universe.

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Kongou – FAQ

Who is Kongou in “Kantai Collection: KanColle”?

Kongou is a character from the popular browser game and anime series “Kantai Collection: KanColle”. She is a battleship girl representing the Kongou-class battleships used by the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II.

What are Kongou’s characteristics and personality?

Kongou is portrayed as a cheerful and energetic character. She speaks in a distinctive manner, often ending her sentences with “desu yo” or “de gozaru”. She is known for her love of all things Western, including her fascination with the English language and culture. Kongou is also fiercely loyal and protective of her friends.

What are Kongou’s powers and abilities?

As a battleship girl, Kongou has enhanced abilities and powers. She is equipped with powerful naval artillery and has the ability to launch airstrikes. In the game, players can upgrade her equipment, level her up, and improve her abilities to make her more formidable in battle.

What is Kongou’s role in the game “Kantai Collection: KanColle”?

Kongou is a playable character in Kantai Collection: KanColle. Players can recruit her by completing certain quests or events in the game. Once obtained, she can be used in various sea battles against enemy fleets. In addition, players can interact with Kongou and other characters through dialog and special events.

What is the historical background of the Kongou class battleships?

The Kongou-class battleships were a group of four fast battleships built for the Imperial Japanese Navy in the early 20th century. They were named after mountains in Japan, with Kongou being named after Mount Kongou. These battleships played a significant role in several naval battles during World War II, including the Battle of Midway and the Guadalcanal Campaign.

Are there any notable appearances of Kongou in the anime series?

Yes, Kongou has appeared in the anime adaptation of “Kantai Collection: KanColle”. She is a recurring character and is often portrayed as one of the main heroines. Her energetic personality and unique way of speaking have made her a fan favorite among viewers of the series.