Agito Kanou

Original Name (Japanese) 加納 アギト
Romaji Name Kanou Agito
Nicknames The Emperor, 5th Fang of Metsudo
Series Kengan Ashura, Kengan Omega
Age 27
Weight 96 kg
Height 190 cm
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type O


Agito Kanou is portrayed as a calm, calculated, and intelligent fighter. He often refers to himself with the plural pronoun “we,” suggesting a split personality or multiple aspects to his character. Kanou can be ruthless in battle, but is also shown to have a sense of honor and respect for his opponents.


Kanou was the affiliated fighter for Dainippon Bank and represented the company in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament. He was widely regarded as the most powerful fighter in the tournament and the favorite to win. Kanou held the title of “Fang of Metsudo” and was the fifth person to hold this prestigious position.

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Kanou has a tall, muscular build with spiky, light-colored hair. He has a stern, focused expression and piercing eyes that convey his intensity in battle. Kanou’s attire consists of a sleeveless shirt and pants, allowing for maximum mobility during combat.


Kanou is an incredibly powerful all-around fighter with immense physical strength and technical prowess. His signature technique is the “shapeless” fighting style, which allows him to adapt to any situation and any opponent. Kanou also has a high level of strategic thinking, able to analyze and counter his opponent’s moves.


Kanou Agito is a main character in the manga series “Kengan Ashura” and its sequel “Kengan Omega”. He is introduced as one of the most formidable fighters in the Kengan matches, a series of underground martial arts tournaments held by various companies. Kanou’s background and development as a character are explored throughout the series, making him a key figure in the Kenganverse.

Agito Kanou – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Agito Kanou from “Kengan Ashura”:

Who is Agito Kanou?

Agito Kanou, also known as “The Fang of Metsudo”, is one of the main characters in the “Kengan Ashura” manga and anime. He is the chairman of the Kengan Association and is considered one of the strongest fighters in the series.

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What is Agito Kanou’s fighting style?

Agito Kanou’s fighting style is a synthesis of various martial arts he has mastered, including Karate, Judo, Muay Thai, Jujitsu, and others. He is known for his exceptional adaptability and ability to rapidly evolve his fighting style during a match.

What are Agito Kanou’s most notable skills?

Agito Kanou has incredible physical strength, speed, and endurance. He is also highly intelligent and able to analyze and counter his opponent’s techniques. His most notable ability is his “Formless” fighting style, which allows him to seamlessly transition between different martial arts techniques.

How does Agito Kanou’s character develop over the course of the story?

Agito Kanou starts out as a cold and distant character, but as the story progresses, he undergoes significant character development. He becomes more empathetic, forms meaningful relationships with other characters, and ultimately comes to a better understanding of himself and his role as the Fang of Metsudo.

What is Agito Kanou’s relationship with the other characters in “Kengan Ashura”?

Agito Kanou has complex relationships with various characters in the series. He is seen as a mentor figure to Ohma Tokita, the main protagonist, and also has a rivalry with fellow fighter Okubo Naoya. He also has a close relationship with the chairman of the Kengan Association, Metsudo Nogi.

How does Agito Kanou’s character fit into the overall story of “Kengan Ashura”?

Agito Kanou is a central figure in the story of “Kengan Ashura,” serving as both an antagonist and an ally to the protagonists at various points. His character arc and the development of his relationships with other characters are integral to the overall narrative and themes of the series.