Uzu Sanageyama

Original Name: 戦閃金剛 海人
Romaji Name: Sanageyama Uzu
Nicknames: Athletic Committee Chair, Elite Four
Series: Kill la Kill
Age: 17
Weight: 72 kg
Height: 182 cm
Date of Birth: June 11
Blood Type: A


Uzu Sanageyama is portrayed as a determined, competitive, and somewhat arrogant individual. He takes great pride in his skills as a swordsman and is eager to prove his superiority in battle. Despite his initial antagonistic role, Sanageyama develops a sense of respect and loyalty towards Satsuki Kiryuin and the student council. He is driven by the desire to constantly improve and become stronger.


Uzu Sanageyama is the head of the athletic committee at Honnouji Academy. He is one of the Elite Four, a group of powerful students who serve under Satsuki Kiryuin, the president of the student council. Sanageyama’s role is to regulate the athletic clubs at the academy, including the boxing and tennis clubs.

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Sanageyama has a tall, muscular build and spiky green hair. He often wears a Three-Star Goku uniform, a powerful combat outfit given to the Elite Four. His uniform, called “Blade Regalia,” focuses on his swordsmanship skills.


Sanageyama’s primary ability is his “Heaven’s Eye,” which allows him to predict the movements of his opponents by observing their muscle movements and breathing patterns. This gives him a significant advantage in battle. After losing to Ryuko Matoi, he had his eyes sewn shut, resulting in the development of an even more powerful ability called “Mind’s Eye,” which enhances his other senses to an extraordinary degree.


Uzu Sanageyama is a character created by the anime and manga series “Kill la Kill”. He is introduced as one of the main antagonists, but later becomes a more complex and nuanced character as the story progresses. Sanageyama’s strong sense of honor, dedication to his craft, and growth throughout the series make him a memorable and popular character among fans of the series.

Uzu Sanageyama – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Uzu Sanageyama from “Kill la Kill”:

Who is Uzu Sanageyama?

Uzu Sanageyama is a supporting character in the anime series “Kill la Kill”. He is one of the Elite Four, a group of powerful students who serve under the series’ main antagonist, Satsuki Kiryūin. Sanageyama is the president of the Kendo Club and specializes in swordsmanship.

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What are Uzu Sanageyama’s skills?

Sanageyama is an extremely skilled swordsman, able to anticipate and counter his opponent’s moves with uncanny precision. He wears a special Goku uniform called “Blade Regalia”, which enhances his swordsmanship. He also has enhanced reflexes and agility.

How does Uzu Sanageyama’s character develop over the course of the series?

Sanageyama starts out as a proud and arrogant fighter who believes in his own superiority. However, after being defeated by the series’ protagonist, Ryūko Matoi, he becomes determined to improve himself. He undergoes rigorous training to overcome his weaknesses and eventually gains a newfound respect for his opponents.

What is Uzu Sanageyama’s relationship with the other members of the Elite Four?

Sanageyama has a competitive but respectful relationship with the other Elite Four members, Ira Gamagōri, Nonon Jakuzure, and Hōka Inumuta. They often challenge each other and try to outdo each other, but they also work together as a cohesive team to support Satsuki Kiryūin’s goals.

What is Uzu Sanageyama’s role in the overall plot of “Kill la Kill”?

As one of the Elite Four, Sanageyama plays a significant role in the conflict between Satsuki Kiryūin’s regime and the protagonists of the series. He serves as a formidable adversary and obstacle to Ryūko Matoi and her allies, but his character arc also explores themes of personal growth, humility, and the pursuit of true strength.

What is Uzu Sanageyama’s backstory?

Sanageyama’s backstory is not explored in great detail in the anime, but it is revealed that he was a prodigy in the world of kendo from an early age. He joined the ranks of Satsuki Kiryūin at the Honnōji Academy to further hone his skills and challenge himself against worthy opponents.