Kaoru Shimizu

Original Name 清水 薫
Romaji Name Kaoru Shimizu
Nicknames None
Series Major S2
Age Varies throughout the series
Weight Varies throughout the series
Height Varies throughout the series
Date of Birth Varies throughout the series
Blood Type Varies throughout the series


Kaoru Shimizu, a character from “Major S2”, has a vibrant and determined personality. She is first introduced as a classmate of the protagonist, Goro Shigeno, in elementary school. Although she has a crush on Goro, her true passion is softball. Kaoru is portrayed as a strong-willed and dedicated individual, showing her unwavering determination and perseverance throughout the series. She demonstrates leadership qualities when she becomes the captain of the Mifune East Junior High softball team.

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In her early years, Kaoru Shimizu attended elementary school with Goro Shigeno. However, her interest in baseball is sparked after she witnesses Goro’s passion for the game during an argument. She eventually joins the Mifune Dolphins Little League baseball team. In junior high school, Kaoru switches to softball and becomes the captain of the Mifune East Junior High team. Although she initially plans to follow Goro to Kaido High School, she changes her mind when she discovers that Kaido does not have a softball team and decides to pursue her love of softball instead.


Kaoru Shimizu is portrayed as an attractive young woman with a distinctive appearance. Her character design showcases her youthful features, including expressive eyes and a cheerful smile. She typically wears the uniform of the Mifune East Junior High softball team, which consists of a white jersey and matching shorts. Kaoru’s appearance reflects her energetic and athletic nature.


Kaoru Shimizu displays impressive athletic ability throughout the series. As a member of the Mifune East Junior High softball team, she shows off her skills as a player and captain. Her softball skills are a testament to her dedication and hard work. Kaoru possesses excellent hand-eye coordination, agility, and strategic thinking that allow her to excel in the sport. Her skills have contributed to her team’s success on numerous occasions.


Kaoru Shimizu is from the anime series “Major S2”, which is part of the larger “Major” franchise. The character’s development and storyline are integral to the overall narrative of the series. Kaoru’s journey begins as a classmate and love interest of Goro Shigeno in elementary school, but evolves as she discovers her passion for softball and becomes a key player in her team’s success. Her character development and interactions with other characters contribute to the emotional depth and growth of the series as a whole.
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Kaoru Shimizu – FAQ

Who is Kaoru Shimizu in “Major S2”?

Kaoru Shimizu is a fictional character in the anime series “Major S2”. She is the childhood friend and love interest of the protagonist, Goro Honda.

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What is Kaoru Shimizu’s role in the story?

Kaoru Shimizu plays an important role in the plot of Major S2. She provides emotional support to Goro Honda, encourages him in his baseball career, and serves as a source of motivation and inspiration for him.

How does Kaoru Shimizu contribute to Goro’s baseball journey?

Kaoru Shimizu plays an important role in Goro’s baseball journey. She often attends his games, cheers him on, and offers words of encouragement during difficult times. Her unwavering support helps Goro stay motivated and push through difficult situations.

Is Kaoru Shimizu a baseball player?

No, Kaoru Shimizu is not a baseball player in Major S2. Although she is not directly involved in the sport, her presence and support have a significant impact on Goro’s baseball career.

Does Kaoru Shimizu face any personal challenges in the series?

Yes, Kaoru Shimizu faces personal challenges in “Major S2”. She faces her own struggles and obstacles, but her determination and strength help her overcome them. Her character development adds depth to the overall story.

Does Kaoru Shimizu have any other significant relationships in the series?

While her relationship with Goro is a central focus, Kaoru Shimizu also has relationships with other characters in the series. She has friendships with Goro’s teammates and interacts with various people who are part of Goro’s baseball journey.