Ai Haibara

Original Name 灰原 哀
Romaji Name Haibara Ai
Nicknames Miyano Shiho, Sherry, Vi Graythorn, Anita Hailey
Series Meitantei Conan
Age Unknown (appears as an 8-year-old)
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown



The enigmatic character from “Meitantei Conan”.


Ai Haibara, also known as Shiho Miyano, is a complex and enigmatic character from the popular anime and manga series “Meitantei Conan” (known as “Detective Conan” in English). She has a calm and cool personality, often displaying a sarcastic wit and high intelligence. Initially cynical and distant, Haibara gradually warms to her new life as a child, forming strong bonds with Conan Edogawa (the main protagonist), the Detective Boys, Professor Agasa, and Ran, Conan’s childhood friend.


Haibara’s backstory adds depth to her character. Born into the secret crime syndicate known as “The Black Organization,” she and her older sister, Akemi Miyano, were part of a family deeply involved in the organization’s secret projects. However, after the untimely death of her parents, Haibara became disillusioned with the organization’s use of the poison APTX 4869 for murder, which was not its intended purpose. When her sister Akemi was killed under mysterious circumstances, Haibara decided to defy the Organization and boycott their research until she received a satisfactory explanation. This led to her imprisonment by the Organization and eventually to her decision to take the poison APTX 4869, resulting in her transformation into a younger version of herself.


Ai Haibara’s appearance is that of an eight-year-old girl, in contrast to her previous teenage form as Shiho Miyano. She has long dark hair and expressive blue eyes. As Haibara, she often wears a school uniform and attends Teitan Elementary School alongside Conan Edogawa. Her small stature and childlike appearance serve as a disguise to hide her true identity.


Haibara is highly intelligent and possesses a wealth of knowledge, especially in the fields of pharmacology and chemistry. As the inventor of the APTX 4869 poison, she has an intimate knowledge of its effects and potential antidotes. Her expertise proves invaluable in solving complex cases and assisting Conan in his investigations. In addition, Haibara’s calm and analytical nature allows her to think strategically, making her a valuable asset to the Detective Boys and Conan’s efforts to uncover the truth behind mysteries.


Ai Haibara’s character arc and development are closely tied to the overarching storyline of “Meitantei Conan”. Her transformation from Shiho Miyano to Haibara marks a turning point in the series, introducing new dynamics and challenges for the characters involved. Haibara’s role as a former member of the Black Organization and her knowledge of their activities provide a constant source of tension and intrigue throughout the series. Her presence adds depth to the narrative and contributes to the ongoing development of the central plot.

Ai Haibara – FAQ

Who is Ai Haibara?

Ai Haibara, also known by her real name Shiho Miyano, is a fictional character from the manga and anime series “Meitantei Conan” (Detective Conan). She is a former member of the secret research organization called the Black Organization and is known for her exceptional intelligence and scientific knowledge.

What is Ai Haibara’s role in “Meitantei Conan”?

Ai Haibara plays an important role in “Meitantei Conan”. After leaving the Black Organization, she takes on a new identity as Ai Haibara and seeks refuge with the protagonist, Shinichi Kudo, who has been transformed into a child by a mysterious poison. She helps Shinichi solve various cases using her scientific expertise and knowledge of the Black Organization’s activities.

How did Ai Haibara turn into a child?

Ai Haibara was turned into a child by the same mysterious poison that transformed Shinichi Kudo. The poison, known as APTX 4869, is a prototype drug developed by the Black Organization. When Ai attempted to leave the organization, the poison was forcibly administered to her, causing her to shrink and take on the appearance of a young girl.

Does Ai Haibara have any special skills?

Ai Haibara possesses exceptional intelligence and scientific knowledge, making her a valuable asset in solving complex cases. She is skilled in various scientific fields, particularly chemistry and pharmacology. In addition, as a former member of the Black Organization, she possesses valuable information about their activities and members.

What is the relationship between Ai Haibara and Shinichi Kudo?

Ai Haibara and Shinichi Kudo have a close relationship in “Meitantei Conan”. Shinichi, who goes by the alias Conan Edogawa, provides a safe haven for Ai after she leaves the Black Organization. They work together to uncover the truth behind the organization’s activities and help each other solve criminal cases. Their bond grows stronger throughout the series as they rely on each other for support and understanding.

Is Ai Haibara’s character based on a real person?

No, Ai Haibara’s character is not based on a real person. She is a fictional character created by Gosho Aoyama for the “Meitantei Conan” series.