Shigeo Kageyama

Original Name 影山 茂夫
Romaji Name Kageyama Shigeo
Nicknames Mob, White T-Poison
Series Mob Psycho 100
Age 14
Weight N/A
Height N/A
Date of Birth May 12
Blood Type Taurus

Shigeo Kageyama, also known by his nickname “Mob”, is a central character in the popular anime and manga series “Mob Psycho 100”. He serves as the protagonist of the series and is the assistant and student of Arataka Reigen. Let’s delve into the various aspects of Shigeo Kageyama’s character.

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Shigeo Kageyama is a 14-year-old boy with powerful psychic abilities. Despite his immense powers, he is humble and compassionate, always striving to be kind and helpful to others. He has a strong moral objection to using his psychic abilities to harm others, emphasizing that psychic powers do not make him or anyone else inherently superior. Shigeo’s compassionate nature is evident in his forgiveness and willingness to help others.


As a child, Shigeo discovered that his psychic powers were closely tied to his emotions. He realized that intense negative emotions could cause harm to others, which he strongly disliked and tried to avoid. As a result, he developed the habit of suppressing his emotions and keeping them in check. Shigeo’s social skills are somewhat lacking, making it difficult for him to read social cues and resulting in a limited circle of friends.


Shigeo Kageyama has an unassuming and ordinary appearance, often described as nondescript. He is of average height for his age and has black hair and dark eyes. Shigeo’s physical appearance reflects his mild-mannered and unpretentious nature.


Shigeo’s most notable trait is his incredible psychic power. He possesses immense psychic abilities that surpass those of ordinary people. However, he does not rely on his powers as a measure of his worth or as a necessity in life. Shigeo’s psychic abilities manifest in various forms, including telekinesis, telepathy, and astral projection. He can manipulate objects with his mind, communicate with others through thought, and project his mind outside of his body.


Shigeo Kageyama is the creation of Japanese manga artist ONE. He first appeared in the manga series “Mob Psycho 100” in 2012. The series gained significant popularity and was later adapted into an anime television series, further cementing Shigeo’s status as a beloved character among fans.

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Shigeo Kageyama – FAQ

Who is Shigeo Kageyama?

Shigeo Kageyama, also known as Mob, is the main protagonist of the anime and manga series “Mob Psycho 100”. He is a powerful esper with incredible psychic abilities.

What are Shigeo Kageyama’s psychic powers?

Shigeo possesses a wide range of psychic powers, including telekinesis, telepathy, astral projection, and pyrokinesis. However, his most powerful ability is his “Mob Psycho” power, which amplifies his psychic powers exponentially based on his emotional state.

What is Shigeo’s personality like?

Shigeo is generally a reserved and introverted individual. He is often portrayed as emotionless and expressionless, earning him the nickname “Mafia”. He has a strong sense of morality and tries to suppress his emotions to avoid losing control of his powers.

Who are Shigeo Kageyama’s friends?

Shigeo has a few close friends. One of his closest friends is Arataka Reigen, his mentor and boss at the Spirits and Such Consultation Office. He is also friends with Ritsu Kageyama, his younger brother, and Teruki Hanazawa, a former enemy turned ally.

What is Shigeo’s goal in the series?

Shigeo’s main goal is to live a normal life and control his psychic powers. He wants to fit in with others and avoid using his powers unless necessary. Throughout the series, he learns the importance of his emotions and strives to become a better person.

Does Shigeo Kageyama have a love interest?

In the series, Shigeo develops a crush on a girl named Tsubomi Takane, whom he has known since childhood. However, his feelings for her are mostly unrequited, and the romantic aspect is not heavily explored in the story.

How does Shigeo’s character develop over the course of the series?

Throughout the series, Shigeo undergoes significant character development. He begins as a reserved and emotionally repressed individual, but gradually learns to embrace his emotions and express himself. He becomes more confident in his abilities and forms deeper relationships with his friends and family.