Original Name (Japanese): ニア
Romaji Name: Niea
Nicknames: NieA
Series: NieA Under 7
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Niea is a lower class or “Under 7” alien who lacks an antenna, a characteristic shared by most aliens in the NieA Under 7 setting. Despite this, she is able to receive signals from the mothership, unlike most other aliens in Enohana. Niea is described as living with Mayuko and building spaceships out of junk.


Niea’s background is not explicitly detailed, but as a lower-class or “under-seven” alien, it can be inferred that she probably comes from a less privileged upbringing than other aliens in the series.

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Niea is depicted as a young, petite female alien without an antenna, which sets her apart from the typical alien design in the NieA Under 7 universe.


One of Niea’s most notable abilities is her ability to receive signals from the mothership despite not having an antenna, a feature that most of the other aliens in Enohana require in order to communicate with the mothership.


Niea’s exact origin is not given, but as a lower class or “Under 7” alien, it can be assumed that she comes from a less privileged background within the NieA Under 7 universe.

Niea – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Niea from “NieA Under 7”:

Who is Niea?

Niea is an alien girl who lives with the main character Arumi in the anime series “NieA Under 7”. She is an uninvited guest who ends up staying with Arumi and becomes her roommate.

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What is Niea’s personality like?

Niea is quirky, lazy, and often gets herself into trouble. She has a carefree and mischievous attitude and often takes advantage of Arumi’s kindness. Despite her flaws, Niea forms a close bond with Arumi over the course of the series.

What are Niea’s abilities?

As an alien, Niea has some unique abilities. She can levitate and fly, and she also has enhanced senses and reflexes compared to humans. Niea also seems to have some psychic or supernatural powers, though the full extent of her abilities is never fully explored in the anime.

How did Niea come to live with Arumi?

Niea shows up unexpectedly at Arumi’s door one day, claiming that she has nowhere else to go. Arumi, being a kind-hearted person, allows Niea to stay with her despite her initial hesitation. Over time, Niea becomes a permanent fixture in Arumi’s life, much to Arumi’s mixed feelings.

How is Niea’s relationship with Arumi?

The relationship between Niea and Arumi is one of the central dynamics of the series. Although Niea is often a burden to Arumi, they develop a close and caring friendship over time. Arumi is annoyed by Niea’s antics, but also genuinely cares about her well-being.

What is Niea’s role in the overall story of “Niea Under 7”?

Niea’s presence in Arumi’s life serves as a catalyst for many of the events and conflicts that unfold in the series. Her alien nature and its implications are a key part of the show’s themes and narrative. Niea’s relationship with Arumi also grows and evolves throughout the series, reflecting the show’s exploration of human-alien interactions.