Seishirou Tsugumi

Original Name 鶫 誠士郎
Romaji Name Seishirou Tsugumi
Nicknames Black Tiger
Series Nisekoi
Age 15-17
Weight N/A
Height 162 cm
Date of Birth July 30
Blood Type AB


Seishirou Tsugumi, also known as “Black Tiger”, is a character from the popular anime series “Nisekoi”. She has a multifaceted personality that adds depth to her character. Initially introduced as a stoic and serious individual, Tsugumi is revealed to have a softer side as the series progresses. She is fiercely loyal and dedicated to her duties as an assassin trained by Claude of the Beehive Gangsters. Despite her tough exterior, Tsugumi has a kind heart and cares deeply for her friends, especially Chitoge, with whom she has a strong bond. Over time, Tsugumi begins to develop romantic feelings for the protagonist, Raku, but finds it difficult to express them due to her stubbornness and embarrassment.


Tsugumi’s background is closely tied to her role as a killer. She was raised and trained by Claude Ringheart of the Bee Hive Gang, who turned her into a skilled and formidable assassin. Her upbringing in a criminal organization has shaped her disciplined and determined nature. Tsugumi’s childhood friend, Chitoge, also plays a significant role in her background, as their friendship serves as a driving force for Tsugumi’s actions and motivations. As the series progresses, Tsugumi’s past and personal growth become integral to the development of her character.


Tsugumi has a striking appearance that attracts attention. She is depicted as a tall, slender young woman with long, flowing black hair and piercing blue eyes. Her design reflects her role as an assassin, as she often wears a black suit or school uniform with a tie. Tsugumi’s overall appearance exudes a sense of elegance and strength, emphasizing her position as a skilled and dangerous individual.


Tsugumi’s skills as an assassin are demonstrated throughout the series. Trained by Claude, she possesses exceptional combat skills, marksmanship, and physical agility. Her expertise in various forms of combat, including hand-to-hand combat and the use of firearms, makes her a formidable opponent. Tsugumi’s abilities are further enhanced by her keen intellect and strategic thinking, allowing her to analyze situations and adapt accordingly. Her skills as an assassin make her a valuable asset to the Bee Hive Gang and an important character in the story.


Tsugumi’s origin lies within the narrative of “Nisekoi”. As a supporting character in the series, her role revolves around her relationships with other main characters and her personal growth. Tsugumi’s origin is intertwined with her relationships with Chitoge and Raku, as well as her past as a killer. Her journey throughout the series involves navigating her feelings for Raku while balancing her loyalty to Chitoge and her responsibilities as an assassin. Tsugumi’s origin serves as a catalyst for her character development and adds depth to her interactions with other characters.

Seishirou Tsugumi – FAQ

Who is Seishirou Tsugumi in “Nisekoi”?

Seishirou Tsugumi is a main character in the manga and anime series “Nisekoi”. She is one of the key members of the story’s central love triangle and serves as a bodyguard for the protagonist, Raku Ichijou.

What is Tsugumi’s role in “Nisekoi”?

Tsugumi plays the role of a bodyguard and enforcer for the Beehive Gang, a yakuza organization. She is tasked with protecting Chitoge Kirisaki, the daughter of the gang leader, and posing as a transfer student at her high school.

What are Tsugumi’s personality traits?

Tsugumi is known for her tomboyish and stoic personality. She is often serious, disciplined, and highly skilled in combat. Despite her tough exterior, she has a more sensitive side and can be quite loyal and caring to her friends.

Does Tsugumi have romantic feelings for Raku Ichijou?

Yes, Tsugumi develops romantic feelings for Raku Ichijou over the course of the series. However, her initial feelings are conflicted due to her loyalty to Chitoge and her duty as a bodyguard. She experiences inner struggles as she deals with her emotions.

What is the relationship between Tsugumi and Chitoge Kirisaki?

Tsugumi has a complicated relationship with Chitoge Kirisaki. At first, they have a strained relationship due to their conflicting backgrounds and Tsugumi’s duty to protect Chitoge. However, as the series progresses, they develop a close friendship and support each other.

Does Tsugumi have any special skills or abilities?

Yes, Tsugumi is highly skilled in combat and possesses exceptional physical strength. She is proficient in various forms of martial arts and is particularly skilled in marksmanship, using guns as her weapon of choice. Her skills make her a formidable opponent in battle.