Schwi Dola

Original Name シュヴィ・ドーラ
Romaji Name Shuvi Dora
Nicknames Üc207Pr4f57t9
Series No Game No Life: Zero
Age Not available
Weight Not available
Height Not available
Date of Birth Not available
Blood Type Not available



The enigmatic protagonist of “No Game No Life: Zero”


Schwi Dola, also known as Shuvi, is a fascinating character from the anime “No Game No Life: Zero”. She has a unique personality as an Exmachina, an artificial intelligence being. At first, Shuvi exhibits the traits of a stereotypical AI, capable of processing data quickly and acting accordingly. However, she struggles to understand emotions and desires, which she refers to as “the heart”. Over time, through her interactions with Riku, the film’s male protagonist, Schwi begins to develop her own heart, showing a gradual evolution in her emotional capacity.


Schwi was the first Exmachina introduced in the story of Tet, the world where the events of “No Game No Life: Zero” take place. Her primary goal is to understand the human heart, a quest that leads her to cross paths with Riku. Despite her machine-like appearance, Schwi resembles a young human with the distinctive feature of two tails extending from her back. She bears a striking resemblance to another character from the series, Shiro.


Schwi’s appearance is both captivating and distinctive. In addition to her human features, such as her youthful appearance, she possesses machine-like attributes that set her apart. The most notable of these features are the two tails that protrude from her back. These physical traits contribute to her intriguing visual design and serve as a visual representation of her dual nature as both a machine and the potential bearer of a human heart.


As an Exmachina, Schwi possesses exceptional intelligence and computational abilities. She can quickly absorb and process data, allowing her to act efficiently in various situations. Her unique race gives her the ability to mimic human behavior and emotions, though she initially struggles to understand and fully experience them. Schwi’s journey in the movie explores her gradual acquisition of emotional understanding and her quest to overcome the limitations of her AI nature.


The Exmachina are a hive mind unit in the world of “No Game No Life: Zero.” Schwi, however, stands apart from the collective due to system and logic errors that led to her excommunication. As a result, she has no access to the vast arsenal of artificial weapons stored within the Exmachina network. Schwi’s encounter with Riku and her subsequent experiences with him play a pivotal role in her development, ultimately leading her to develop a heart of her own and even marry Riku.
Schwi Dola’s character in “No Game No Life: Zero” offers a compelling exploration of the intersection of artificial intelligence and the human heart. Throughout her journey of self-discovery, Schwi captivates viewers with her unique personality, distinctive appearance, and gradual emotional growth. Her story serves as a testament to the potential for growth and change, even in beings initially devoid of human-like emotions.

Schwi Dola – FAQ

Who is Schwi Dola in “No Game No Life: Zero”?

Schwi Dola is one of the main characters in the anime movie “No Game No Life: Zero”. She is an ex-machine, an android-like being created for the purpose of gathering information about the world. Schwi plays a crucial role in the events that take place before the main story of “No Game No Life” and is known for her unique personality and determination.

What are Schwi Dola’s characteristics and personality?

Schwi Dola is portrayed as a highly logical and analytical character. As an ex-machine, she lacks emotion and initially struggles to understand human behavior. Throughout the movie, however, she undergoes a gradual transformation and begins to develop emotions and empathy. Schwi is also known for her intelligence and combat skills.

What is Schwi Dola’s role in “No Game No Life: Zero”?

Schwi Dola’s role in “No Game No Life: Zero” is central to the plot. She forms a bond with Riku Dola, the human protagonist, and together they embark on a journey to save their world from destruction. Schwi’s actions and choices shape the outcome of the story and have a significant impact on the other characters.

How does Schwi Dola’s relationship with Riku Dola develop?

At first, Schwi and Riku have a strained relationship because they are from different races and have opposing goals. However, as they spend more time together and face various challenges, they develop a deep bond and understanding. Schwi’s growing emotions and her interactions with Riku contribute to the emotional core of the story.

What are Schwi Dola’s skills and abilities?

Schwi Dola has exceptional analytical skills and is highly skilled in combat. As a former machine, she has superior intelligence and is able to process vast amounts of information quickly. In battle, Schwi demonstrates skill in swordsmanship and strategic thinking, making her a formidable opponent.

How does Schwi Dola’s story relate to the main “No Game No Life” series?

“No Game No Life: Zero” serves as a prequel to the main “No Game No Life” series, providing the backstory of the world and its characters. Schwi Dola’s story in the movie lays the foundation for the events that take place in the main series, shedding light on the origins of the world and the conflicts between different races.