Original Name (Japanese): 黒田坊
Romaji Name: Kurotabou
Nicknames: The Assassin and Destruction Monk
Series: Nurarihyon no Mago
Age: Unknown
Weight: 83 kg
Height: 195 cm
Date of Birth: December 13
Blood Type: Unknown


Kurotabou is known as “The Assassin and Destruction Monk” due to his deadly skills and intimidating demeanor. He is often seen alongside Aotabō, the two serving as the Nura Clan’s assault officers. Kurotabou is a serious and capable fighter, but he also has a gentle side, having looked after the young Rikuo Nura in the past.


Kurotabou was originally part of Rihan’s Night Parade before becoming one of Rikuo’s subordinates. He is deeply loyal to the Nura Clan and takes his duties as an assault officer very seriously.

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Kurotabou is a tall and imposing figure, standing at 195 cm. He has a muscular build and usually wears a traditional Japanese monk’s robe, concealing an arsenal of weapons. His most distinctive feature is his shaved head, which adds to his intimidating appearance.


As “The Assassin and Destruction Monk,” Kurotabou is a master of hidden weapons. He can quickly draw and use a variety of bladed and projectile weapons from his clothing. Kurotabou’s skill with these weapons, combined with his physical strength and combat experience, make him a formidable fighter.


Kurotabou is a character from the anime and manga series “Nurarihyon no Mago,” also known as “Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan. He is one of the main supporting characters in the series, serving as a loyal and powerful ally to the main protagonist, Rikuo Nura.

Kurotabou – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Kurotabou from “Nurarihyon no Mago”:

What is Kurotabou’s role in the Nurarihyon clan?

Kurotabou is a high-ranking member of the Nura Clan, serving as the Vice Commander of the Hyakki Yako (Hundred Demons Night Parade). He is known for his immense physical strength and skill in battle, making him an important enforcer and protector of the clan.

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What are Kurotabou’s skills and powers?

Kurotabou possesses superhuman strength, speed, and endurance. He can transform his body into a powerful armored form, complete with sharp claws and fangs. Kurotabou is also skilled in a variety of melee combat techniques, which he uses to overwhelm his opponents.

What is Kurotabou’s relationship to the main character, Nura Rikuo?

Kurotabou is deeply loyal to Nura Rikuo, the young heir of the Nura Clan. He serves as one of Rikuo’s most trusted subordinates and protectors, often fighting by his side against powerful ayakashi (supernatural beings) that threaten the clan.

How does Kurotabou’s appearance and personality differ from other Nurarihyon characters?

Unlike many of the more eccentric or flamboyant Nurarihyon characters, Kurotabou has a more serious and stoic demeanor. His large, muscular build and intense gaze give him an intimidating presence, which he uses to command respect and instill fear in his enemies.

What is Kurotabou’s backstory and how did he come to join the Nura Clan?

Kurotabou’s origins are shrouded in mystery, but it is known that he was a powerful Ayakashi who was once feared and ostracized by others of his kind. However, he found a sense of purpose and belonging when he joined the Nura Clan, pledging his loyalty to Nura Rikuo and the yakuza-like organization.

How does Kurotabou’s role and importance evolve throughout the Nurarihyon no Mago series?

As the series progresses, Kurotabou’s role becomes increasingly important to the survival and success of the Nura Clan. He participates in numerous battles and confrontations, demonstrating his formidable skills and unwavering devotion to the clan. Kurotabou’s character arc explores themes of loyalty, redemption, and the search for one’s true purpose.