Japanese Name カイドウ
Romaji Name Kaidou
Nicknames Strongest Creature in the World
Series One Piece
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


Kaidou, a prominent character in the popular anime and manga series “One Piece,” is portrayed as a merciless, aggressive, and confident warrior. He has a relentless drive to gain an advantage in war and is always looking for ways to increase his power. Despite his formidable presence, Kaidou is known to suffer from bouts of apathy, which adds complexity to his personality. This combination of aggression and occasional indifference makes him a fascinating and unpredictable antagonist in the series.

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Kaidou’s background in “One Piece” reveals that he was born on the Grand Line about 59 years ago. As a child, he lived in the Vodka Kingdom, a place notorious for invading and plundering other cities to establish its dominance. This early exposure to conflict and power struggles likely played a significant role in shaping Kaidou’s ruthless nature and thirst for dominance. Throughout the series, Kaidou is portrayed as a formidable force, commanding the Beast Pirates and ranking among the Yonkou, the four most powerful pirates in the world.


Kaidou’s appearance is striking, befitting his title as “the strongest creature in the world.” He has a towering stature, standing at an impressive height with a muscular build. Kaidou is often depicted with a fierce and menacing expression, accentuated by his piercing eyes and a prominent scar across his left eye. He has long, flowing dark hair and is known to wear distinctive, elaborate clothing that adds to his aura of power and authority.


Kaidou’s abilities in “One Piece” are nothing short of extraordinary. He is known for his incredible strength, which allows him to overpower opponents and wreak havoc in battle. In addition, Kaidou has the unique ability to transform into a giant dragon, further enhancing his already formidable powers. This dragon form grants him enhanced physical attributes, including increased durability and the ability to unleash devastating attacks.


Kaidou’s origins and the source of his immense power remain shrouded in mystery. However, it is known that he is the captain of the Beast Pirates, a fearsome crew known for their ruthless nature and willingness to engage in acts of violence and piracy. Kaidou’s position as one of the Yonkou makes him one of the most influential and dangerous individuals in the “One Piece” universe. With his army of 500 artificial Zoan Devil Fruit users, Kaidou poses a significant threat to anyone who dares to challenge his authority.
In “One Piece”, Kaidou’s character is a compelling blend of relentless ambition, overwhelming power, and occasional moments of apathy. His background, appearance, abilities, and mysterious origin all contribute to his status as one of the most formidable and intriguing antagonists in the series. As the story unfolds, Kaidou’s role and influence continue to shape the narrative, making him a central figure in the epic story of One Piece.

Kaidou – FAQ

Who is Kaidou in “One Piece”?

Kaidou, also known as “Kaidou of the Beasts”, is a character in the manga and anime series “One Piece” created by Eiichiro Oda. He is one of the Four Emperors, the four most powerful pirates in the world. Kaidou is the captain of the Beast Pirates and is widely considered to be one of the strongest characters in the series.

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What are Kaidou’s skills and powers?

Kaidou has immense physical strength and endurance, allowing him to withstand powerful attacks and perform incredible feats of strength. He also has the ability to transform into a giant dragon, which increases his already formidable power. Kaidou is known for his near-invulnerability, which makes him extremely difficult to defeat.

What is Kaidou’s goal in One Piece?

Kaidou’s ultimate goal is to create a world where only the strongest survive. He believes in the concept of the “New Onigashima”, a world ruled by the strongest, and seeks to establish himself as the ruler of this new world. Kaidou wants to achieve this by obtaining the ancient weapons and becoming the Pirate King.

What is Kaidou’s connection to the Yonko and the world government?

Kaidou is one of the Four Emperors, also known as the Yonko, four powerful pirate captains who are considered the most influential and dangerous individuals on the seas. The Yonko maintain a delicate balance of power with the World Government, and Kaidou is a major player in this dynamic. He has clashed with the World Government on numerous occasions and is seen as a threat to their authority.

Was Kaidou defeated in “One Piece”?

As of my knowledge in September 2021, Kaidou has not been definitively defeated in “One Piece”. He has been involved in several battles throughout the series, but has always managed to survive and remain a formidable force. Please note that since my knowledge is not up to date, there may have been new developments in the storyline regarding Kaidou’s fate.

What is Kaidou’s role in the Wano Land arc?

In the Wano Country arc of “One Piece”, Kaidou plays a central role as the main antagonist. He has taken control of Wano Country and rules it with an iron fist, imposing his will on the people and causing widespread suffering. The Straw Hat Pirates and their allies aim to defeat Kaidou and free Wano Country from his tyranny.