Original Name (Japanese) クロミ
Romaji Name Kuromi
Nicknames Kurumi, Kurumi Nui
Series Onegai My Melody
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


Kuromi is My Melody’s rival character in the Onegai My Melody series. She is portrayed as a mischievous, rebellious, and sometimes antagonistic character. Despite her tough exterior, Kuromi is actually quite girly and enjoys activities such as writing in her diary and reading romance novels. She holds a strong grudge against My Melody, stemming from an incident in which My Melody accidentally tore a page from Kuromi’s diary.


Kuromi is revealed to be an escaped prisoner from Mari Land, a place where she ended up after committing crimes such as stealing bread to feed her poor family in Baku. During her trial, Kuromi claimed that Baku lied about being responsible in order to share her fate. This suggests that Kuromi has a sense of loyalty and care for her friends.

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Kuromi is a white rabbit or goblin-like creature who wears a black jester’s hat with a pink skull on the front. The skull’s expression changes according to Kuromi’s mood. She also has a weak spot in her tail that makes her fall unconscious when someone steps on it.


Kuromi wields a magical artifact called the Melody Key, which is imbued with dark, dream-distorting powers. She uses it to try to collect 100 black notes to revive the spirit of dark power, hoping to destroy her enemies, especially My Melody.


Kuromi was created as a rival character to My Melody in the Onegai My Melody series. She serves as an antagonist, but her backstory and motivations hint at a more complex character beneath her rebellious facade.

Kuromi – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Kuromi from “Onegai My Melody”:

Who is Kuromi?

Kuromi is a main character in the Onegai My Melody anime and manga series. She is an anthropomorphic black rabbit-like creature with a mischievous personality who initially serves as an antagonist, but later becomes a reluctant ally of the protagonist, My Melody.

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What is Kuromi’s personality like?

Kuromi is described as selfish, rude, and mischievous. She often tries to cause trouble and go against My Melody, but gradually develops a softer side and sometimes reluctantly helps the other characters. Kuromi has a rebellious streak and can be cynical, but also shows that she cares about her friends, even if she has a hard time expressing it.

What are Kuromi’s abilities?

Kuromi has the power to manipulate Dark Energy and use it to wreak havoc and disrupt the other characters. She can fire energy bolts, create illusions, and even summon dark creatures to do her bidding. However, she learns to control her powers and eventually uses them to help rather than harm.

How does Kuromi’s relationship with My Melody develop?

Kuromi starts out as My Melody’s rival and antagonist, often trying to ruin her plans and schemes. But over time, the two develop a reluctant friendship and partnership, eventually becoming close allies who work together to overcome challenges. Their relationship represents the themes of friendship, forgiveness, and personal growth.

What is Kuromi’s role in the overall story of Onegai My Melody?

Kuromi serves as a complex and dynamic character who undergoes significant development and transformation throughout the series. She starts out as a villain, but gradually becomes an integral part of the core group of characters, using her unique abilities to help My Melody and her friends. Kuromi’s arc is central to the themes of the series.

Is Kuromi a popular character?

Yes, Kuromi is one of the most popular and recognizable characters in the Onegai My Melody franchise. Her rebellious personality, unique design, and character arc have made her a fan favorite, with a large amount of official and fan-made merchandise featuring the character.