Kairi Okayasu

Original Name (Japanese) 岡安 浬
Romaji Name Okayasu Kairi
Nicknames Kiley
Series Peach Girl, Ura Peach Girl
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown


Kairi Okayasu is a popular and carefree classmate of the main character, Momo Adachi, in the Peach Girl series. He has a reputation for being a playboy, something he’s not entirely proud of. Despite his outward confidence, Kairi’s insecurities about relationships are revealed to stem from his unrequited love for school nurse Misao, who was his former tutor. Kairi is described as fun and outgoing, charming his way through the classroom and maintaining a devoted fan club of girls.


Kairi thought that Momo was the one who once performed CPR on him when he nearly drowned on the beach when they were younger, only to find out later that he was saved by the local lifeguard. This incident prompts Kairi to renew his interest in Momo when a rumor is spread by their classmate Sae that they are a couple. Kairi then tries to make the “rumor” come true by unexpectedly kissing Momo at the beginning of the series.

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Kairi is described as a physically attractive young man. He has short, dark hair and is often depicted wearing the standard school uniform.


A popular student, Kairi seems to have the ability to easily charm and attract female attention. However, other than his social skills, no specific abilities are mentioned.


Kairi Okayasu is a character from the shojo manga series Peach Girl, created by Miwa Ueda. He is one of the main love interests of the protagonist, Momo Adachi.

Kairi Okayasu – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Kairi Okayasu from “Peach Girl”:

Who is Kairi Okayasu?

Kairi Okayasu is a supporting character in the manga and anime series “Peach Girl”. She is the best friend of Momo Adachi and a former member of the school volleyball team.

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What is Kairi’s role in the story?

Kairi is a loyal and supportive friend to Momo. She often provides Momo with emotional support and advice as she navigates the complexities of her relationships, particularly with Toji Kazama and Sae Kashiwagi. Kairi also plays a role in helping Momo confront her own insecurities and stand up for herself.

What is Kairi’s personality like?

Kairi is portrayed as a kind-hearted and caring individual. She is often the voice of reason and tries to encourage Momo to make the best decisions. Kairi is also shown to be athletic, as she was a former member of the school volleyball team.

How does Kairi’s relationship with Momo develop over the course of the story?

Kairi and Momo have a very close friendship that is tested at times. They may disagree or argue, but in the end their bond remains strong. Kairi is always there to support Momo and help her through the challenges she faces.

Does Kairi have a romantic relationship in the story?

While Kairi is not the main romantic focus of the series, she is shown to have a brief romantic interest in one of Momo’s classmates, Kazuya. However, this relationship is not heavily explored, and Kairi’s primary role remains as Momo’s devoted friend.

How does Kairi’s character develop over the course of the series?

Throughout the story, Kairi matures and becomes more confident in herself. She learns to stand up for her own beliefs and opinions, even when they differ from Momo’s. Kairi also becomes more assertive in her relationships, especially in her friendship with Momo.