Blake Belladonna

Original Name (Japanese): ブレイク・ベラドンナ
Romaji Name: Bureiku Beradonna
Nicknames: N/A
Series: RWBY
Age: 17-19
Weight: Unknown
Height: 170 cm (5’7″)
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Blake Belladonna is a young girl who is often cool and collected, but is also very passionate about taking action against inequality and injustice. She strongly believes in equality for all, whether they are Faunus or not. Blake is an introvert who prefers to spend time alone reading, but as the series progresses she enjoys spending more time with her team.


Blake’s background is not fully explored in “RWBY: Hyousetsu Teikoku,” but it is known that she comes from a family that strongly believes in equality and justice. She was trained as a Huntress, and her weapon of choice is a Variant Ballistic Chain Scythe (VBCS) called the Gambol Shroud.

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Blake has long black hair and piercing yellow eyes. She often wears a black and white outfit that reflects her belief in equality and balance.


In battle, Blake relies heavily on her Semblance, which allows her to create shadow copies of herself to confuse and distract her opponents. She is also adept at using her VBCS, which can transform into a pistol for ranged attacks.


Blake Belladonna is a character from the RWBY series created by Rooster Teeth Productions. She is one of the main protagonists of the series, and her character design and abilities are inspired by various anime and manga tropes.

Blake Belladonna – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Blake Belladonna from “RWBY: Hyousetsu Teikoku”:

Who is Blake Belladonna?

Blake Belladonna is one of the main characters of the “RWBY: Hyousetsu Teikoku” series. She is a Faunus with the ability to create shadow clones. Blake is a former member of the White Fang, a Faunus rights organization that turned to violent methods, but she has since left and joined the Beacon Academy to become a Huntress and fight for justice.

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What is Blake’s weapon?

Blake’s weapon is a katana called the Gambol Shroud. It can transform into a pistol and a kusarigama (a kind of sickle with a metal chain). Blake is highly skilled at using the Gambol Shroud in both its sword and ranged forms.

What is Blake’s Appearance?

Blake’s Semblance allows her to create shadow clones that can be used to distract or block attacks. These clones dissipate after taking a hit, allowing Blake to escape danger.

What is Blake’s background?

Born into the Faunus community, Blake grew up witnessing the discrimination and prejudice they faced. This led her to join the White Fang in their fight for Faunus rights, though she later became disillusioned with their violent methods. Blake’s past with the White Fang is a source of guilt and conflict for her.

How does Blake’s relationship with Yang Xiao Long develop?

At first, Blake and Yang have a strained relationship due to Yang’s suspicions about Blake’s past. However, as the series progresses, they grow closer and develop a strong friendship and partnership as teammates. They learn to trust and support each other, and their bond becomes an important part of both of their character arcs.

What is Blake’s role in the overall plot of RWBY: Hyousetsu Teikoku?

As one of the main protagonists, Blake plays a crucial role in the overall plot of the series. She provides valuable insight and information about the Faunus and the White Fang, and her personal journey to find redemption and her own path reflects the larger themes of the story. Blake’s decisions and actions have a significant impact on the events that unfold throughout the series.