Lila Decyrus

Original Name: リラ・ディザイアス
Romaji Name: Lira Dizaias
Nicknames: Lila
Series: Atelier Ryza
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Lila Decyrus is a mysterious and stoic warrior who accompanies the alchemist Empel. She is described as having a serious and reserved demeanor, rarely expressing her emotions outwardly. Despite her aloof nature, Lila demonstrates a strong sense of duty and a protective instinct toward those she cares for.


Not much is known about Lila’s background, as she remains shrouded in mystery throughout the Atelier Ryza series. She is first introduced as a wandering warrior who crosses paths with the protagonist, Ryza, and her companions. Lila’s reasons for joining Empel on his journey are unclear at first, but she seems drawn to the unfolding events and the mysteries they hold.

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Lila has a tall, slender build and a youthful appearance. She has long silver hair, which she often wears tied back, and piercing blue eyes. Lila’s attire consists of a dark, form-fitting bodysuit with armor plates and a flowing cape. She carries a large sword on her back, emphasizing her warrior nature.


A skilled swordswoman, Lila is a formidable fighter who can hold her own in battle. She demonstrates impressive physical strength, agility, and swordsmanship, making her a valuable ally in the Atelier Ryza series. Lila’s exact combat abilities and techniques are not fully explored, but she is shown to be a powerful and reliable fighter.


Lila Decyrus is a character created for the Atelier Ryza video game series, which is part of the larger Atelier franchise developed by Gust and published by Koei Tecmo. She was first introduced in Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout, and has since appeared as a supporting character in subsequent entries in the Atelier Ryza sub-series.

Lila Decyrus – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Lila Decyrus from “Ryza no Atelier: Tokoyami no Joou to Himitsu no Kakurega:

Who is Lila Decyrus?

Lila Decyrus is one of the main characters in the game “Ryza no Atelier: Tokoyami no Joou to Himitsu no Kakurega. She is a young alchemist who lives in the city of Kurken Island and goes on an adventure with her friends to uncover the secrets of the mysterious “Twilight Veil”.

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What is Lila’s role in the story?

Lila is the central character in the game’s story. As an alchemist, she plays a crucial role in uncovering the secrets of the Twilight Veil and helping her friends overcome the challenges they face. Her alchemy and problem-solving skills are essential to the progression of the story.

What are Lila’s personality traits?

Lila is described as a kindhearted, curious, and determined young woman. She is passionate about alchemy and is always eager to learn and expand her knowledge. Lila is also loyal to her friends and will go to great lengths to protect them and help them achieve their goals.

What are Lila’s special skills?

As an alchemist, Lila has the ability to synthesize a wide variety of items, from healing potions to powerful tools and weapons. She also has the ability to interact with the Twilight Veil, which plays a crucial role in the game’s story and gameplay.

How does Lila’s relationship with the other characters develop throughout the story?

Lila’s relationships with the other main characters, such as Ryza, Tao, and Klaudia, are an important aspect of the game’s narrative. As they embark on their adventure together, Lila forms strong bonds with her friends, and their relationships deepen as they face challenges and overcome obstacles side by side.

What is Lila’s place in the overall Atelier series?

Lila Decyrus is a new character introduced in the Ryza sub-series of the Atelier franchise. As one of the main protagonists, she represents a new generation of alchemists and helps introduce new elements and themes to the long-running series, while still maintaining the core values and gameplay that Atelier fans have come to love.