Urara Kasugano

Original Name (Japanese): 春日野 うらら
Romaji Name: Kasugano Urara
Nicknames: Cure Lemonade
Series: Sabage-bu!
Age: High School Freshman
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: December 25
Blood Type: Unknown


Urara Kasugano is a high school freshman and a member of the Aogiri High School Survival Game Club. She seems sweet and cute at first, but is actually quite vicious and violent, especially when she is jealous. She is a devoted fan of Miou and will do anything to get rid of any potential rival. After being beaten by Momoka, Urara develops a masochistic side and starts to adore her.


Urara is a member of the Aogiri High School Survival Game Club. Prior to Momoka’s arrival, Urara’s possessiveness and jealousy of Miou had left the club with only four members.

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Urara has a youthful and feminine appearance, with blonde hair and a petite build. She often wears the standard Aogiri High School uniform.


As a member of the Survival Game Club, Urara probably has some skills and experience in survival games and tactics. However, her skills are not the focus of her character, as her personality and relationships with other club members are more central to the story.


Urara Kasugano is a character from the manga and anime series Sabage-bu!, where she is one of the main characters.

Urara Kasugano – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Urara Kasugano from “Sabage-bu!

Who is Urara Kasugano?

Urara Kasugano is one of the main characters in the anime and manga series “Sabage-bu! She is a high school student who is a member of her school’s survival game club. Urara is known for her shy and timid personality as well as her love for cute things.

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What is Urara’s role in the Survival Game Club?

Urara is the Treasurer of the Survival Game Club. She is responsible for managing the club’s finances and making sure they have the necessary equipment and supplies for their survival game activities. However, Urara is often reluctant to participate in the actual games due to her shyness and lack of confidence.

What is Urara’s relationship with the other club members?

Urara has a close friendship with the other members of the Survival Game Club, especially Sonora Kashima and Saku Tatsumaki. She is often the target of teasing and jokes from the more outgoing members, but she enjoys being part of the group. Urara also has a crush on the club’s president, Miu Furinji.

What are Urara’s hobbies and interests?

In addition to her involvement in the Survival Game Club, Urara enjoys collecting and playing with cute and soft stuffed animals. She also enjoys cooking and baking, and often brings homemade treats to share with the club members. Urara is also an accomplished artist and is sometimes asked to create posters or artwork for the club.

How does Urara’s shyness and timidity affect her in the survival game club?

Urara’s shyness and lack of confidence often hold her back in the Survival Game Club. She is reluctant to participate in the games, preferring to stay on the sidelines and watch. However, she often finds herself in situations where she must overcome her fears and step up to help her friends or the club as a whole. As the series progresses, Urara becomes more confident and assertive.

What is Urara’s character arc in the Sabage-bu! series?

Throughout the Sabage-bu! series, Urara’s character arc involves overcoming her shyness and becoming more confident and comfortable in her own skin. She learns to stand up for herself and her friends, and begins to take a more active role in the activities of the Survival Game Club. By the end of the series, Urara has developed into a more assertive and capable young woman, while still maintaining her adorable and endearing personality.