Lise Hohenstein

Japanese Name リィズ・ホーエンシュタイン
Romaji Name Lise Hohenstein
Nicknames None
Series Schwarzesmarken
Age 18
Weight N/A
Height 160cm (5’3”)
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Lise Hohenstein from “Black Marks: A Character Analysis

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Lise Hohenstein, a prominent character in the anime series “Schwarzesmarken”, possesses a complex and multifaceted personality. Initially believed to have been killed by the Stasi three years ago, Lise reappears as a TSF (Tactical Surface Fighter) pilot assigned to the 666th TSF Squadron. She is Theodor Eberbach’s step-sister and becomes the center of suspicion due to her sudden appearance and assignment. Lise has a calm and collected demeanor, but beneath her seemingly collected exterior lies a troubled and tortured soul.


Lise Hohenstein’s background is one of tragedy and manipulation. She and her parents were captured by the Stasi during their failed attempt to defect to West Germany. Lise was presumed dead until her unexpected return. It is revealed that she was brainwashed and conscripted into the Werewolf Battalion, serving under Beatrix Brehme. Her experiences of captivity and manipulation play a significant role in shaping her character and actions throughout the series.


Lise Hohenstein has a distinctive appearance that captures her character. She has blonde hair styled in twin tails that fall to her waist. Standing at a height of 160cm (5’3”), Lise’s physical appearance contrasts with the emotional turmoil she carries within. Her design reflects a sense of innocence and vulnerability that serves as a juxtaposition to the darkness and tragedy surrounding her character.


As a TSF pilot, Lise Hohenstein demonstrates exceptional skill and combat ability. She is assigned to the 666th TSF Squadron to reinforce the injured Pham Thi Lan. Lise’s combat skills, coupled with her strategic thinking, make her a formidable force on the battlefield. Her skills are not limited to combat, however, but extend to her role as a Stasi agent, where she displays cunning and intelligence in carrying out her missions.


Lise Hohenstein’s origins lie in her connection to Theodor Eberbach, her stepbrother. Their shared history, including their failed defection and subsequent capture by the Stasi, plays a crucial role in Lise’s character development. The events that unfold in “Black Mark” shed light on Lise’s transformation from a victim of circumstance to a complex character caught up in conflicting loyalties and personal struggles. Her origin is deeply intertwined with the larger narrative of the series, adding depth and intrigue to her character arc.

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Lise Hohenstein – FAQ

Who is Lise Hohenstein?

Lise Hohenstein is a fictional character from the light novel and anime series “Schwarzesmarken”. She is a member of the 666th TSF Squadron, also known as the “Black Marks”, which is tasked with fighting the alien invaders known as the BETA in an alternate history setting.

What is Lise’s role in the series?

Lise plays an important role in the series as a supporting character. She is the younger sister of the protagonist, Theodor Eberbach, and initially joins the 666th TSF Squadron as a Stasi spy. Her primary goal is to gather information about the squadron and its members, as well as to monitor her brother’s activities.

How does Lise’s character develop over the course of the series?

Throughout the series, Lise’s character undergoes a complex and tragic development. Initially portrayed as a loyal and caring sister, her true loyalties and motivations become a central point of conflict. She struggles with her loyalties to her brother, the Stasi, and her own personal desires, leading to a series of difficult choices with far-reaching consequences.

What are Lise’s relationships with the other characters?

Lise’s relationships with the other characters in “Black Mark” are complex and often strained. She shares a close bond with her brother Theodor, but is involved in a love triangle with him and another pilot named Katia Waldheim. In addition, her interactions with other members of the 666th TSF Squadron are marked by mistrust and suspicion due to her secret role as a spy.

Does Lise have any special skills or abilities?

Lise has no supernatural abilities or skills. However, she is trained in espionage and has a keen intellect that allows her to navigate complex political and military situations. Her greatest asset is her ability to manipulate others and gather information undercover.

What challenges does Lise face throughout the series?

Lise faces many challenges throughout the series, both internal and external. She struggles with her conflicting loyalties, torn between her duty to her brother, her loyalty to the Stasi, and her own desires. She must also navigate the dangers of being a spy within the 666th TSF Squadron, where her true identity could be discovered at any moment.

Is there any character development for Lise?

Yes, Lise undergoes significant character development over the course of the series. Without giving too much away, her choices and experiences lead to a transformation in her character, forcing her to face the consequences of her actions and make difficult decisions that shape the course of the story.