Makoto Kubota

Original Name (Japanese): 久保田 誠
Romanized Name: Kubota Makoto
Nicknames: Kubo-chan
Series: Shiritsu Araiso Koutougakkou Seitokai Shikkoubu
Age: 16
Weight: 55 kg
Height: 170 cm
Date of Birth: August 21
Blood Type: A

Here is an article about Makoto Kubota from the anime “Shiritsu Araiso Koutougakkou Seitokai Shikkoubu”:


Makoto Kubota, also known as “Kubo-chan”, is a kind and caring student council member. He is known for his gentle demeanor and willingness to help others. Kubota is also very responsible and hardworking, and takes his student council duties seriously. Despite his calm nature, he can be assertive when necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the student council.

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Kubota is a junior at Shiritsu Araiso High School and a member of the student council’s executive committee. He is dedicated to his work on the council and takes pride in maintaining order and supporting the student body. Kubota comes from a stable family background, though details of his personal life outside of school are not explored in depth.


Kubota has a slim build and a youthful, boyish appearance. He has short brown hair and brown eyes. His typical attire is the standard Shiritsu Araiso High School uniform, consisting of a white collared shirt, navy blue blazer, and gray pants.


As a member of the Student Council Executive Committee, Kubota demonstrates strong organizational and leadership skills. He is able to efficiently handle the administrative duties of the council and ensure that events and activities run smoothly. Kubota also shows good judgment and mediation skills in resolving conflicts or disputes among the student body.


Makoto Kubota is a fictional character created for the anime series “Shiritsu Araiso Koutougakkou Seitokai Shikkoubu”. He is one of the main supporting characters in the series, which focuses on the daily lives and activities of the student council members at Shiritsu Araiso High School.

Makoto Kubota – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Makoto Kubota from “Shiritsu Araiso Koutougakkou Seitokai Shikkoubu”:

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Who is Makoto Kubota?

Makoto Kubota is a main character in the anime and manga series “Shiritsu Araiso Koutougakkou Seitokai Shikkoubu”. He is the vice president of the student council at Araiso Private High School and is known for his intelligence, hard work, and serious demeanor.

What is Makoto Kubota’s role in the student council?

As the vice president of the Araiso High School Student Council, Makoto Kubota is the second in command and often helps the council president, Ayumi Arihyoshi, with administrative tasks and decision-making. He is very organized and efficient and makes sure that the student council runs smoothly.

What is Makoto Kubota’s personality like?

Makoto is portrayed as a serious, studious, and hardworking individual. He is dedicated to his duties in the student council and to maintaining order and discipline in the school. However, he also has a softer side and cares deeply for his friends, even if he doesn’t always show it outwardly.

Does Makoto Kubota have any special skills or talents?

Makoto is extremely intelligent and academically gifted. He consistently ranks at the top of his class and is knowledgeable in a wide range of subjects. He also has strong organizational, time management, and problem-solving skills, which make him an invaluable member of the student council.

Does Makoto Kubota have a romantic relationship in the series?

While Makoto does not have any overt romantic relationships in the main storyline, there are hints that he may have feelings for the student council president, Ayumi Arihyoshi. However, their relationship remains mostly professional and platonic.

How does Makoto Kubota interact with the other characters in the series?

Makoto tends to have a somewhat aloof and formal demeanor when interacting with most of his classmates and fellow student council members. However, he is shown to have a closer relationship with Ayumi and a few other characters, such as treasurer Riri Hitoyoshi. He can be strict and critical at times, but also shows loyalty and concern for his friends.