Original Name: アイレーン
Romaji Name: Airēn
Nicknames: The majestic lion girl
Series: Show By Rock!! #
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Short
Date of Birth: December 22
Blood Type: Unknown

Here is an article about Ailane from the anime “Show By Rock! #”:


Ailane is a majestic lion girl who looks down on everyone with a regal and charismatic demeanor. She has a strong “soul of speech” (kotodama) and carries the aura of a king. However, despite her imposing presence, she is rather clumsy and finds many things annoying. Ailane prefers high places and smaller things compared to her own stature.

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Ailane has been taught the principles of being a good emperor and music since her childhood. This has made her knowledgeable in these areas, but also rather unathletic, as she finds everything a chore.


Ailane is small in stature, but has a commanding presence. She has the features of a majestic lion, including a mane of long hair. Ailane has a charismatic beauty that matches her regal personality.


Ailane’s primary abilities seem to lie in her mastery of language and music, which she has been trained in since childhood. Her “soul of language” (kotodama) is described as strong, suggesting that she has a powerful command of words.


Ailane is a character from the anime series “Show By Rock!!”. She is a member of the in-universe music group “Trichronika” and is known for her lion-like appearance and regal demeanor.

Ailane – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Ailane from “Show By Rock!!#”:

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Who is Ailane?

Ailane is one of the main characters in the anime series “Show By Rock!!#”. She is a member of the band Plasmagica and plays the drums.

What is Ailane’s background?

Ailane is a dog-like Swiss girl who grew up in a small village. She discovered her passion for drumming at a young age and eventually moved to the big city of Midi City to pursue her musical dreams.

What is Ailane’s personality like?

Ailane is described as energetic, enthusiastic and competitive. She is very passionate about music and drumming and is determined to help Plasmagica succeed. She can also be a bit mischievous and childish at times.

What is Ailane’s role in Plasmagica?

As the drummer, Ailane provides the driving rhythm and beat to Plasmagica’s music. She is considered an integral part of the band’s sound and performance.

What are Ailane’s notable character moments or arcs?

A notable arc for Ailane is her initial rivalry with Crow of the band Trichronika, as they compete to be the best drummer. Over time, they develop a friendly rivalry and respect for each other’s musical talents.

How has Ailane grown and developed as a character over the course of the series?

Throughout the series, Ailane has grown more confident and mature in her drumming abilities and her role within Plasmagica. She has also learned to work better with her bandmates, supporting them as they pursue their musical dreams together.