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Special A

Hikari Hanazono

Original Name 華園 光 Romaji Name Hanazono Hikari Nicknames Miss Rank Two Series Special A Age Varies throughout the series Weight Varies throughout the series Height Varies throughout the series Date of Birth March 20 Blood Type O Hikari Hanazono from “Special A”: A spirited and determined protagonist Personality Hikari Hanazono, the main protagonist of […]

Kei Takishima

Original Name 滝島 彗 Romaji Name Takishima Kei Nicknames “Number Two,” “Miss Rank Two” Series Special A Age 17 Weight 65 kg Height 187 cm Date of Birth November 22 Blood Type Unknown Personality Kei Takishima, from the anime and manga series “Special A”, is portrayed as a calm, composed, and highly intelligent character. He […]