Sniper Kamen

Original Name スナイパー仮面
Romaji Name Sniper Kamen
Nicknames Mr. Mask
Series Tenkuu Shinpan
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown



A mysterious sniper from “Tenkuu Shinpan”.


Sniper Kamen, also known as “Mr. Mask”, is a powerful and mysterious character from the anime and manga series “Tenkuu Shinpan” (High-Rise Invasion). Despite wearing a torn mask that partially covers his face, he has a calm and collected demeanor. Sniper Kamen is known for his exceptional marksmanship and strategic thinking, making him a formidable opponent in the world of Tenkuu Shinpan.


Little is known of Sniper Kamen’s background and past. However, it is known that he was once the childhood friend of Rika Honjo, one of the main characters in the series. Over time, Sniper Kamen’s memories of his former self have been suppressed by his torn mask, leaving him with fragmented memories of his past. This mysterious aspect of his character adds depth to his storyline and raises questions about his true identity and connection to the other characters.


Sniper Kamen’s appearance is defined by his distinctive cracked mask that covers part of his face. In addition to giving him a unique and intimidating appearance, the mask also serves a practical purpose. It protects him from the full extent of the mind control that affects many other characters in the series. Sniper Kamen typically wears dark clothing, including a suit and fedora, which adds to his mysterious aura.


One of Sniper Kamen’s most notable abilities is his exceptional marksmanship. He is a master marksman, capable of hitting his targets from long distances with incredible precision and accuracy. His proficiency with various firearms, combined with his strategic thinking, makes him a valuable asset in combat situations. In addition, his cracked mask gives him some immunity to mind control, allowing him to retain some control over his actions and decisions.


Sniper Kamen comes from the world of “Tenkuu Shinpan”, a dark and mysterious setting where characters are trapped in a high-rise cityscape. The series revolves around the survival of the characters as they navigate a twisted game orchestrated by unknown forces. Sniper Kamen’s role in the story unfolds as he meets Yuri Honjo, the main protagonist, and reveals his connection to Rika Honjo, Yuri’s sister.

Sniper Kamen – FAQ

Who is Sniper Kamen in “Tenkuu Shinpan”?

Sniper Kamen is a character from the manga series “Tenkuu Shinpan” (also known as “High-Rise Invasion”). He is a mysterious individual who wears a mask and specializes in long-range sniping.

What are Sniper Kamen’s abilities?

Sniper Kamen is an expert marksman with exceptional sniper skills. He is adept at using various long-range weapons, such as sniper rifles, to take down his targets with precision. He also has heightened senses and remarkable agility, making him a formidable sniper.

What is Sniper Kamen’s role in the story?

Sniper Kamen plays an important role in Tenkuu Shinpan. He joins the main protagonist, Yuri Honjo, and her allies in their battle against the masked figures known as “Kuon” who are responsible for trapping people in a high-rise city. Sniper Kamen provides long-range support and helps eliminate threats from a distance.

Why is Sniper Kamen wearing a mask?

The reason why Sniper Kamen wears a mask is not explicitly revealed in the series. However, it is speculated that the mask is used to hide his identity and maintain an air of mystery. It also contributes to his overall enigmatic and intimidating appearance.

What are Sniper Kamen’s motives?

Sniper Kamen’s motivations are not extensively explored in the series. However, it can be inferred that he is driven by a desire to protect and assist Yuri and her allies in their quest to survive and escape the Tower City. He is also driven by a sense of justice and a determination to bring down the Kuon and their leader.

Does Sniper Kamen have any weaknesses?

While Sniper Kamen is a skilled and formidable marksman, he is not invulnerable. Like any human, he can be physically injured and overwhelmed by powerful opponents. In addition, his reliance on ranged attacks can put him at a disadvantage in close combat. However, he compensates for these weaknesses with his exceptional marksmanship and strategic thinking.