Misaki Shokuhou

Japanese Name 食蜂 操祈
Romaji Name Shokuhou Misaki
Nicknames The Queen
Series Toaru Majutsu no Index
Age 17
Weight Unknown
Height 165 cm
Date of Birth February 14
Blood Type B

Misaki Shokuhou from “Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S”: A Character Analysis


Misaki Shokuhou, also known as “The Queen”, has a complex and multifaceted personality. On the surface, she appears to be playful and childlike, often seen engaging in witty banter with her rival, Misaka Mikoto. Behind this facade, however, lies a cunning and manipulative nature. Misaki exudes a sense of authority and control, using her ability to intimidate and manipulate others to achieve her goals. Despite her seemingly aloof demeanor, it is implied that she has a dislike for public appearances, often allowing Mikoto to take the spotlight during school events. She is also shown to have a strong sense of loyalty to her faction and is willing to go to great lengths to protect their interests.


Misaki Shokuhou is a level 5 Esper who attends Tokiwadai Middle School. As the leader of the largest faction within the school, she wields considerable influence and power. Her affiliation with the Queen of Tokiwadai’s clique further solidifies her position as a prominent figure among her peers. While her exact background remains shrouded in mystery, it is implied that she has faced challenges and obstacles throughout her life that have shaped her into the formidable individual she is today.


Misaki Shokuhou is depicted as an elegant and beautiful young woman. She has long, straight golden hair and is often seen wearing a pair of white gloves and lace stockings. She also carries a shoulder bag with a star symbol on it, adding to her distinctive appearance. Her refined and sophisticated demeanor matches her position as a prominent figure within Tokiwadai Middle School.


Misaki possesses the ability known as Mental Out, which gives her control over people’s minds. This power allows her to read people’s memories, alter personalities through brainwashing, engage in telepathy, erase memories, strengthen willpower, reproduce thoughts, and transfer emotions. To activate her abilities, Misaki must make physical contact with her target. Notably, she often uses a remote control device to amplify and manipulate the effects of her powers. The full extent of her abilities and the mechanics of her remote control device remain undisclosed.


Misaki Shokuhou is from the anime series “Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S”, which is a spin-off of the “Toaru Majutsu no Index” franchise. Created by Kazuma Kamachi, the series is set in a world where supernatural abilities are prevalent and espers with various powers exist. Misaki’s character plays a significant role in the story, especially in her interactions and rivalry with Misaka Mikoto. Her presence adds depth and intrigue to the story, as her manipulative nature and formidable powers create tension and conflict within the series.

Misaki Shokuhou – FAQ

Who is Misaki Shokuhou in “Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S”?

Misaki Shokuhou is a character in the anime and manga series “Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S”, also known as “A Certain Scientific Railgun S”. She is a level 5 Esper and the fifth ranked level 5 in Academy City, a highly advanced city where psychic abilities are common.

What are Misaki Shokuhou’s abilities?

Misaki Shokuhou possesses the ability known as Mental Out. This power allows her to manipulate and control the minds of others. She can implant suggestions, erase memories, and even control a person’s actions. Misaki’s power is considered one of the most powerful in Academy City.

What is Misaki Shokuhou’s personality like?

Misaki Shokuhou is often portrayed as a confident and charismatic character. She has a cool and calm demeanor, always maintaining a regal and elegant presence. However, she can also be manipulative and cunning, using her powers to get what she wants. Despite her seemingly aloof nature, she has a caring side and shows concern for her friends.

What is Misaki Shokuhou’s role in the “Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S” series?

Misaki Shokuhou plays an important role in the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S series. She is a key character in the overarching story of Academy City, and her actions often have far-reaching consequences. Misaki is involved in various storylines, including conflicts with other characters and organizations within the series.

Does Misaki Shokuhou have any connections to other characters in the series?

Yes, Misaki Shokuhou is related to several other characters in the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S series. She is part of a group called ITEM, which consists of other powerful espers. Misaki also has a complex relationship with another protagonist, Mikoto Misaka, and their interactions play a significant role in the story’s development.

Is Misaki Shokuhou a protagonist or an antagonist?

Misaki Shokuhou’s role in the series can be seen as both protagonist and antagonist at different points in the story. Although she is not the main protagonist, she is an important character whose actions drive the plot. Depending on the situation and her motivations, she can be a friend, ally, or enemy of the other characters in the series.