Juuzou Suzuya

Japanese Name 鈴屋 什造
Romaji Name Suzuya Jūzō
Nicknames Juuzou, Rei, CCG’s Jason
Series Tokyo Ghoul
Age Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Blood Type Unknown

Juuzou Suzuya is a fictional character from the popular manga and anime series “Tokyo Ghoul”. He is a prominent supporting character known for his distinctive appearance and unique personality. This article will examine Juuzou Suzuya’s personality, background, appearance, abilities, and origin based on available information.


Juuzou Suzuya is portrayed as having a rather eccentric and complex personality. He has a childlike and carefree demeanor, often showing a lack of respect for the property of others. Juuzou is known for his enthusiastic and resourceful nature when it comes to his job as a ghoul investigator. He is somewhat reckless and impulsive, and does not hesitate to resort to violence, especially when dealing with ghouls. However, despite his initial ruthlessness, Juuzou shows growth and development in later story arcs, showing empathy and compassion for ghouls and developing close relationships with his fellow investigators.


Juuzou Suzuya has a mysterious and tragic past. Originally known as Rei Suzuya, he was abducted at a young age and became the subject of inhumane experiments conducted by a ghoul named Big Madam. These experiments involved intense physical and psychological abuse, resulting in Juuzou’s fragmented and traumatized state. He was eventually rescued by the CCG (Commission of Counter Ghoul), a government organization tasked with combating ghouls, and given the name Juuzou Suzuya. His experiences as a prisoner and subject of experimentation have greatly influenced his personality and outlook on life.


Juuzou Suzuya’s appearance is distinctive and memorable. He has a youthful and androgynous appearance, characterized by pale skin and pure white shoulder-length hair. His hair is often adorned with red hairpins, forming a recognizable pattern. Juuzou’s face is covered with scars that serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. These stitches serve as first aid for his injuries and also contribute to his unique and eerie appearance. His large, disturbing pupils add to the unsettling impression he makes on others.


As a Ghoul Investigator, Juuzou Suzuya possesses exceptional combat skills and physical strength. He is a rank 3 Ghoul Investigator and has proven to be a formidable opponent in battle. Juuzou is highly skilled in the use of quinques, weapons made from the kagune of defeated ghouls. He wields the Scorpion 1/56 Quinque, a Bikaku-type quinque, and the 13’s Jason Quinque, a Rinkaku-type quinque. Juuzou’s skill with these weapons, combined with his agility and acrobatic moves, make him a formidable opponent.


The character of Juuzou Suzuya was created by Sui Ishida, the mangaka of “Tokyo Ghoul”. He first appeared in the manga series and subsequently gained popularity among fans, leading to his inclusion in the anime adaptation. Juuzou’s character development and backstory have been explored in both the manga and anime, shedding light on his past and the events that shaped his personality.

Juuzou Suzuya – FAQ

Who is Juuzou Suzuya in “Tokyo Ghoul”?

Juuzou Suzuya is a fictional character from the manga and anime series “Tokyo Ghoul”. He is a former investigator for the CCG (Commission of Counter Ghoul) and later becomes a member of the organization known as Goat. Juuzou is known for his distinctive appearance, childlike demeanor, and exceptional fighting skills.

What is Juuzou Suzuya’s background?

Juuzou Suzuya’s background is revealed throughout the “Tokyo Ghoul” series. He is a former “Quinx”, a group of humans who underwent a surgical procedure to gain Ghoul-like abilities. Juuzou was raised and trained by the sadistic Ghoul investigator Kishou Arima, who taught him ruthless fighting techniques.

What are Juuzou Suzuya’s personality traits?

Juuzou Suzuya has a complex personality. He often displays a childlike and playful demeanor, but underneath his cheerful facade lies a disturbed and violent nature. Juuzou has a morbid fascination with death and shows little empathy for others. He is fiercely loyal to those he cares about and has a strong sense of justice.

What are Juuzou Suzuya’s combat skills?

Juuzou Suzuya is a highly skilled fighter known for his agility, speed, and incredible reflexes. He wields a pair of quinque (weapons made from the kagune of defeated ghouls) called “Juuzou’s Jason”. With his exceptional acrobatic skills and mastery of melee combat, Juuzou is a formidable opponent in battle.

How does Juuzou Suzuya develop over the course of the series?

Throughout the “Tokyo Ghoul” series, Juuzou Suzuya undergoes significant character development. Initially portrayed as a cold and detached individual, he gradually forms deep bonds with other characters and begins to question his own identity and purpose. Juuzou’s experiences lead to a greater understanding of the complexities of the world he inhabits and a transformation of his worldview.

What is Juuzou Suzuya’s role in the story?

Juuzou Suzuya plays a pivotal role in the “Tokyo Ghoul” series. As a former CCG investigator and later a member of Goat, he is involved in various operations against ghouls and other threats. Juuzou’s character arc explores themes of trauma, identity, and redemption, making him an integral part of the overarching narrative.