Tooru Mutsuki

Japanese Name 六月 透
Romaji Name Mutsuki Tōru
Nicknames Mucchan, Mucchanko
Series Tokyo Ghoul:re
Age 19-20
Weight 48 kg
Height 165 cm
Date of Birth December 14
Blood Type Unknown

Tooru Mutsuki of “Tokyo Ghoul:re”: A detailed character analysis

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Tooru Mutsuki is a complex character in the anime and manga series “Tokyo Ghoul:re”. Initially introduced as a member of the Quinx Squad, Mutsuki has a kind and gentle heart and often displays shyness and low self-confidence. However, beneath this seemingly shy exterior lies a deep sense of frustration and anger at her own perceived weaknesses. Despite their lack of confidence, Mutsuki demonstrate a strong desire to help others and are willing to put themselves in danger to protect the innocent. They exhibit a remarkable work ethic and reliability, often serving as a valuable source of information for their team.


Mutsuki’s backstory unfolds throughout the series, revealing the hardships she has endured. It is revealed that Mutsuki was born female, but experienced discomfort and an inability to reconcile with her assigned gender. As a result, she chose to live as a man, adopting very masculine pronouns even when it may not be socially appropriate. This contrast between her gentle personality and her masculine presentation adds depth to her character. In addition, Mutsuki’s past trauma includes being sexually abused by her father, which led to a mental breakdown and the gruesome murder of her family.


In terms of physical appearance, Mutsuki are portrayed as having a slight build, standing 165 cm tall and weighing 48 kg. They have short, light-colored hair and often wear the standard attire of a Ghoul investigator. Their appearance is a reflection of their inner struggle, as they present themselves as male despite their assigned gender.


As a Ghoul Investigator, Mutsuki possesses impressive combat skills and is classified as a rank 3 Investigator. She is also an artificial one-eyed ghoul, known as a Quinx, and a member of the CCG’s Quinx Squad. Mutsuki’s RC type is Bikaku, and they wield the Quinques Ifraft (Rinkaku) and Abksol (Rinkaku). Throughout the series, Mutsuki’s abilities develop, and they eventually activate their Kagune, demonstrating their growth into a formidable force in battle.


Tooru Mutsuki’s character appears in the anime and manga series “Tokyo Ghoul:re”, which serves as a sequel to the original “Tokyo Ghoul”. Created by Sui Ishida, the series explores the dark and complex world of ghouls and ghoul investigators. Mutsuki’s character arc provides an in-depth examination of gender identity, trauma, and the complexities of human nature within this supernatural setting.

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Tooru Mutsuki – FAQ

Who is Tooru Mutsuki in “Tokyo Ghoul:re”?

Tooru Mutsuki is a fictional character in the manga series “Tokyo Ghoul:re” created by Sui Ishida. She is one of the main characters and a member of the Quinx Squad, a special unit of the CCG (Commission of Counter Ghoul).

What is Tooru Mutsuki’s role in the story?

Tooru Mutsuki is a major supporting character in the Tokyo Ghoul:re series. She starts out as a shy and reserved individual who works alongside the Quinx Squad to investigate and exterminate ghouls. As the story progresses, her character undergoes significant development and plays a crucial role in the overall narrative.

What are Tooru Mutsuki’s abilities?

Tooru Mutsuki has enhanced physical abilities due to being a half-human, half-ghoul hybrid. She has undergone the Quinx operation, in which a ghoul’s kagune (an organ used by ghouls to attack) is implanted into a human, giving them certain ghoul-like powers. Tooru primarily wields a kagune known as “Rabbit,” which allows her to attack and defend against enemies.

How does Tooru Mutsuki’s personality evolve over the course of the series?

Tooru Mutsuki’s personality undergoes significant changes over the course of the Tokyo Ghoul:re series. Initially introverted and hesitant, she gradually becomes more assertive and confident as she faces various challenges and uncovers hidden truths. However, their character transformation also includes darker and more unstable aspects that reflect the complex nature of their experiences.

What are Tooru Mutsuki’s main relationships?

Tooru Mutsuki develops several relationships throughout the series. She has a strong bond with her fellow Quinx Squad members, especially Haise Sasaki (aka Ken Kaneki). Tooru also develops complex relationships with other characters, including an intense admiration for another character named Haise Sasaki.

How will Tooru Mutsuki’s arc progress in “Tokyo Ghoul:re”?

Tooru Mutsuki’s arc in “Tokyo Ghoul:re” follows her journey of self-discovery as she grapples with her identity, desires, and traumatic experiences. Her arc explores themes of gender identity and the consequences of oppression. Throughout the series, Tooru’s actions and choices have a significant impact on the overall plot and the fate of the characters around her.