Original Name (Japanese): キッシュ
Romanized Name (Romaji): Kisshu
Nicknames: None
Series: Tokyo Mew Mew
Age: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown


Quiche is one of the main antagonists in the Tokyo Mew Mew series. He is described as having a short temper and being difficult to control when angry. Quiche enjoys torturing others and regards his enemies as “toys”. He is very possessive and will do anything to win Ichigo’s love, even trying to kill her love interest Masaya out of jealousy. Quiche is also known to have a mischievous and playful side, often teasing and taunting the Mew Mew girls.


Quiche, along with his teammates Pie and Tart, are aliens who were forced to flee their original home planet. They have come to Earth with the goal of destroying the human race, which they believe has turned their former home into a “garbage dump. Quiche is the first of the three aliens to arrive on Earth and begin his campaign against the Mew Mew girls.

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Quiche has a youthful and androgynous appearance, with large golden eyes and long pointed ears. He has messy green hair that sticks out in all directions. Quiche’s clothing consists of a long, dark cloak that covers his legs, and he is often seen wielding a long staff or dagger.


As an alien, Quiche possesses superhuman abilities, including levitation, the creation of chimera animals, and the ability to teleport. He also demonstrates skill in combat, wielding his staff and dagger with precision. Quiche is also known to have some control over fire, though the full extent of his abilities is not clearly defined.


Quiche is an original character created for the Tokyo Mew Mew anime and manga series. He is one of the three main antagonists, along with Pie and Tart, who serve as the Mew Mew girls’ main adversaries throughout the story.

Quiche – FAQ

Here are 6-8 FAQs about Quiche from “Tokyo Mew Mew”:

What is Quiche’s role in the story of Tokyo Mew Mew?

Quiche is one of the main villains in the Tokyo Mew Mew anime and manga series. He is a member of the alien race known as the Cyniclons, who have come to Earth to conquer it. Quiche is tasked with leading the Cyniclon invasion and fighting against the Mew Mew heroines.

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What are Quiche’s powers and abilities?

Quiche has a variety of powers and abilities that he uses in his battles against the Mew Mews. He can project energy blasts, create illusions, and summon powerful alien beasts to do his bidding. Quiche is also highly skilled in melee combat and can teleport short distances.

What is Quiche’s relationship to the other Cyniclons?

Quiche works closely with two other Cyniclon characters, Pie and Tart, who are helping him with the invasion of Earth. The three of them often clash with the Mew Mews as a team. Quiche seems to have a special rivalry with Ichigo, the leader of the Mew Mews.

How does Quiche’s character develop throughout the series?

Quiche’s character evolves over the course of the Tokyo Mew Mew story. While he begins as a cold and ruthless villain, he begins to have doubts about the Cyniclon mission and shows signs of empathy for the humans. This leads to some internal conflict within Quiche as he struggles with his loyalty to his race and his growing feelings for Ichigo.

What is Quiche’s backstory and motivation?

The Tokyo Mew Mew series reveals that Quiche and the other Cyniclons come from a dying planet and have come to Earth to find a new home. Quiche’s primary motivation is to ensure the survival of his race, even if it means conquering and destroying the human population. His backstory will be explored in greater depth as the story progresses.

How will Quiche’s relationship with Ichigo develop?

One of the central dynamics of Tokyo Mew Mew is the complicated relationship between Quiche and Ichigo. While they start out as enemies, Quiche gradually develops strong feelings for Ichigo, even going so far as to try to win her affection. This creates an interesting tension as Ichigo is torn between his duty to protect the Earth and his growing affection for Quiche.