Japanese Name トトロ
Romaji Name Totoro
Series Tonari no Totoro
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Totoro – Tonari no Totoro


Totoro, a character from the anime film “Tonari no Totoro,” is portrayed as a friendly and gentle creature. Known as one of the gods of the forest, Totoro displays a calm and serene demeanor throughout the story. He is often seen smiling and exudes a sense of warmth and comfort. Totoro is portrayed as a protector and caretaker of nature, embodying a deep connection to the natural world.


In “Tonari no Totoro,” Totoro is introduced as a mystical creature who lives in the forest. He becomes a significant figure in the lives of two young sisters, Satsuki and Mei, who move to the countryside with their father. Totoro’s presence brings joy and magic to the girls’ lives, serving as a symbol of hope and wonder amidst their everyday challenges.


Totoro appears as a large, furry creature with gray fur and a beige belly. He has a distinctive shape with a round body and stubby arms and legs. Totoro has a wide grin, large round eyes, and pointed ears. He wears a cluster of gray arrows on his chest, adding to his unique and endearing appearance. Totoro’s design captures a sense of both playfulness and wisdom.


Although Totoro’s abilities are not explicitly defined, he has a deep connection to nature and the spiritual realm. He has the power to summon the Cat Bus, a magical creature that serves as transportation for the characters in the movie. Totoro also demonstrates the ability to communicate with other forest spirits and shows a strong affinity for nature, making him a source of guidance and protection.


Created by renowned Japanese filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki, Totoro is one of the iconic characters from Studio Ghibli’s animated film “Tonari no Totoro”. The film, released in 1988, showcased Miyazaki’s masterful storytelling and ability to blend fantasy elements with themes of family, friendship and the importance of preserving nature. Totoro has since become an enduring symbol of Japanese animation and a beloved character in the hearts of fans worldwide.

Totoro – FAQ

Who is Totoro in “Tonari no Totoro”?

Totoro is a friendly forest spirit and the title character of the 1988 animated film “Tonari no Totoro” (My Neighbor Totoro), directed by Hayao Miyazaki. He is a large, furry creature with a round body, pointed ears, and a wide grin.

What is the significance of Totoro in the movie?

Totoro is a symbol of nature, magic and imagination in the movie. He represents the connection between humans and the natural world, and his presence brings joy and wonder to the main characters, Satsuki and Mei.

What are Totoro’s skills or powers?

Totoro is not explicitly shown to have any supernatural abilities or powers in the movie. However, he is able to summon the Catbus, a magical creature that can transport people through the air. Totoro also has the ability to make trees grow and is often associated with rain and wind.

Does Totoro communicate through speech?

Totoro does not speak in any recognizable human language. Instead, he communicates through expressive gestures, actions, and nonverbal sounds. Despite his lack of words, Totoro is able to effectively convey his emotions and intentions.

What is Totoro’s relationship with Mei and Satsuki?

Totoro forms a special bond with Mei and Satsuki, the two young sisters who meet him. Throughout the movie, he becomes their friend and protector, offering them guidance and support during difficult times. Totoro’s presence in their lives inspires their sense of wonder and imagination.

Is Totoro a familiar character?

Yes, Totoro has gained considerable popularity and has become one of the most iconic characters in Japanese animation. “Tonari no Totoro” has become a beloved movie worldwide, and Totoro himself is recognized by many people, even those who have not seen the movie.