Original Name 因果
Romaji Name Inga
Nicknames N/A
Series Un-Go
Age Appears 13-14
Weight N/A
Height 155 cm (5’1″)
Date of Birth N/A
Blood Type N/A


Inga from “Un-Go” – A mysterious and enigmatic character

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Inga, a character from the anime series “Un-Go,” has a complex and enigmatic personality that adds intrigue to the story. While Inga appears to be a young, handsome boy, there is more to this character than meets the eye. Inga has a mischievous and playful demeanor, often displaying a childlike curiosity. However, this facade belies a darker side, as Inga harbors a strong appetite for truth and justice. Inga’s insatiable hunger drives the character to seek out the deepest secrets and hidden motives of those involved in the mysteries encountered throughout the series.


Inga’s background in “Un-Go” remains shrouded in mystery. The nature of the bond between Inga and the protagonist, Shinjuurou, is a focal point of intrigue throughout the series. It is implied that Inga and Shinjuurou share a strange connection, but the true origins and purpose of this bond remain unknown. Inga’s past and the circumstances that led to her unique abilities and existence are gradually revealed, adding layers of complexity to the character’s enigmatic personality.


Inga’s appearance is striking and memorable. In her standard form, Inga manifests as a young boy with handsome features. Standing at a height of 155 cm (5’1″), Inga possesses an air of youthful innocence. However, Inga possesses the extraordinary ability to transform into a tall and alluring woman who exudes an aura of sensuality and charm. This transformation occurs when Inga experiences heightened excitement or is faced with critical situations, adding an extra layer of mystique to the character.


Inga possesses unique and impressive abilities that contribute to her role as a pivotal character in Un-Go. One of Inga’s most notable abilities is the power to extract the truth from individuals. By asking a single question, Inga compels the person to answer truthfully, revealing their deepest secrets and hidden motivations. This ability serves as a key tool in solving the mysteries that Shinjuurou and Inga encounter throughout the series. In addition, Inga’s shape-shifting ability adds a layer of versatility to her skills, allowing her to adapt to different situations and assume different roles as needed.


Inga’s exact origin in “Un-Go” remains a subject of speculation and intrigue. While the anime series provides glimpses of Inga’s past and hints at her true nature, the full extent of her origin story is not explicitly revealed. It is implied that Inga’s existence is intertwined with that of the protagonist, Shinjuurou, suggesting a shared past or fated destiny. As the series progresses, fragments of Inga’s origin are gradually revealed, deepening the mystery surrounding the character.
Inga’s presence in “Un-Go” is vital to the narrative, adding a layer of mystery and depth to the story. With her complex personality, unique abilities, and enigmatic origins, Inga captivates the audience and leaves them eager to uncover the truth behind this intriguing character.

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Inga – FAQ

FAQ about Inga from “Un-Go

1. Who is Inga in “Un-Go”?
Inga is a main character in the anime series “Un-Go”. She is a supernatural being who helps the protagonist, Shinjuurou Yuuki, solve mysteries by forcing people to answer a question truthfully.

  1. What is Inga’s ability in Un-Go?
    Inga has the power to make anyone answer a single question truthfully. By asking a question, Inga can extract the truth from a person, regardless of their desire to hide it.
  2. What does Inga look like in Un-Go?
    Inga’s appearance changes depending on her form. In her female form, she has long flowing hair and a youthful appearance. In her male form, she appears as a muscular and intimidating figure.
  3. What is the relationship between Inga and Shinjuurou Yuuki?
    Inga serves as Shinjuurou Yuuki’s assistant and partner in solving mysteries. They have a close relationship, and Inga often helps Shinjuurou by using her powers to extract the truth from suspects.
  4. Is Inga a human in “Un-Go”?
    Inga is not human, but a supernatural being of mysterious origin. Her true nature and the extent of her powers are gradually revealed throughout the series.
  5. Can anyone resist Inga’s power in “Un-Go”?
    Inga’s power is formidable, and most people are unable to resist her ability to extract the truth. However, there are rare instances when certain characters can resist or evade Inga’s power, adding complexity to the mysteries they investigate.
  6. Does Inga have any limitations or weaknesses?
    Inga’s power is not unlimited. She can only ask one question at a time, and her ability requires her to make a deal with someone in order to use her powers. In addition, Inga’s powers are tied to the life span of her host, which poses a risk to her host.
  7. Does Inga play an important role in “Un-Go”?
    Yes, Inga plays a pivotal role in Un-Go, both as a central character and as a catalyst for unraveling the mysteries. Her unique abilities and enigmatic nature contribute to the overall intrigue and suspense of the series.